Creating a Scheduled Meeting

How to Schedule a Meeting
You can schedule future meetings, invite participants and pre-configure audio options by clicking the "Schedule a Meeting" button in your conference center.
Schedule a meeting button
1. Meeting Details: Enter the title of your meeting, the name of the primary host and their email address.
2. Date & Time: Specify the date and time for when the meeting will start.  You should also define the start and end time, as well as the local Time Zone for the meeting.  Users who connect to your meeting prior to the start time will see a timer counting down to when it's scheduled to begin.  NOTE: Meeting times cannot be in the past.
3. Registration Type: You are required to select a registration type for your meeting.
4. Meeting Type: Indicate what type of meeting you're hosting.  Your choice will affect how users connect their audio and whether they can watch a presentation. 
5. Audio Type: Determine how your participants can connect their audio.  Your options will be dependent on what type of plan you're currently on*
6. Description: Be as descriptive as possible. Your participants will see the meeting description in their meeting notification emails
7. Security: The option to set a security password for participants to enter the meeting

Schedule a New Meeting
* Available Audio Types by Product Type


On Demand Audio Available Available
Operator Assist Available Available
Streaming Broadcast AudioAvailable

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