Customizing your Registration Page

You can customize the look and feel of your meeting registration page to include valuable information for your participants. By default, registration pages include the name of your meeting, the presenter's name, and the meeting's date and time. This information is pulled from your meeting's details which you specified when you created your event.

After you save the meeting details, within the Next Steps screen you can customize the registration form and email.
Customize Registration
1. Customize Registration

- Registration Form - add a custom message, choose additional registration fields, include a question or poll to your participants
- Registration Confirmation Email - include a custom message and attach files available to download
- Registration Declined Email - add a custom message and files available to download

2. Branding and Presenter Information

You can create different custom branding for every meeting. When you clone a meeting the custom branding is copied over from the parent meeting. If you do not upload a header image, the ReadyTalk logo will display. The custom branding and presenter info displays on all emails from the meeting as well as the registration page and meeting lobby

- Custom Logo
- Link to website
- Presenter name, bio, and photo
Below is an example of a custom registration page including a custom message, additional registration fields, branded header and presenter bios
Custom Registration Form

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