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Connecting Audio

To host and moderate either an On-Demand or Scheduled Meeting, you'll start by opening your Meeting Controls. Select the meeting that you'd like to host within your conference center and then click on "Open Meeting Controls".

To learn how to install these controls, read our Installing Your Meeting Controls article.

Once you've opened your controls, you can effectively host your meeting.
Conference Controls
1. Participant List & Audio Options: You'll find a list of all your participants in the top left corner. Right Click their names for additional options.
2. Chat Message and Q&A: As participants post messages in your meeting's chat room, they'll appear here.
3. Menu Toolbar: Start your meeting, turn on recording, share your screen and more from these buttons across the top of your control window.
4. Presentation Stage: If you start sharing any uploaded media, it will appear here on the stage.
5. Presentation Tray: Upload powerpoint slides, create polls, and share videos using the Presentation media tray.

Starting a Meeting

Once you've opened your conference controls, you can start your meeting by clicking the "Start Meeting" button in the Menu Toolbar. This will connect your audio lines and add your participants to your web meeting room.

Alternatively, you can start a meeting by double-clicking and opening any prepared media in your Presentation Tray.

If participants join your web meeting room before you click "Start Meeting", they'll be placed in a virtual lobby until you have started your meeting, at which point they'll be connected.

Connecting Audio

As the meeting host, you'll need to connect your audio before you should start your meeting. You'll see options to connect your audio on the left side of the meeting control window.

Use Computer: You can use your computer's built in speakers and microphone (or attached speaker and microphone).
    Note: You must enable Computer Audio by opening the Settings button from the Menu Toolbar and selecting "Audio".
Call Me: Recommended Select call me and you'll be prompted for your phone number. Once connected, your phone will ring and you'll be prompted to join the meeting room.
Call In: If you don't know the dial-in number for your available phone, you can call-in to the meeting. You'll need your Chairperson Passcode in order to enter the call this way.

Once your audio is connected and you have started your meeting, participants can connect their audio using the on-screen prompts. If you have enabled Computer Audio, that option will be available to them as well.

Participant Connection Options: Once your meeting is started, your participants can connect to your audio line or web conference room by using your Participant Login Info, accessible in the conference center. To learn more, read our "Providing Dial-In and Web Access Informration" article.

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