Creating and Managing Polls

You can create and run polls during your web meeting to gather responses from your participants and see live results in your meeting controls. Poll data also appears in your conference meeting reports after the meeting or webinar is concluded.

To Create a New Poll
1. When you have your meeting controls open, click the "Add Polls" button in the presentation media tray.
2. The Media Management window will open, where you can create and manage polls.
3. Click the "Create New Poll" button to open the poll creator window.

Question Text: Indicate what the question phrase will be. For example, "How well do you know our products?
Question Type: Decide what type of question will be used to conduct this poll: Yes/No Checkbox, Multiple Choice (Single Answer), Multiple Choice (Multiple Answer), Text / Comment Box, Ranking Poll, and Opinion Poll.
Display Results to Participants: Determines whether participants should see the poll results by default. You can toggle this on or off when actually running the poll.
Answers: Indicate what answer options you'd like your participants to choose from. Click "Add" to add the answer to the list of available options.

Inserting a Poll
In order to run the poll, you'll need to insert it into your media tray. After your poll is created it will appear in your Poll Management list. Select the poll and click on "Insert" to add it to your meeting room's presentation media.

Alternatively, you can edit or delete the poll from this window. Deleting a poll will not delete any reporting gathered using that poll from a past meeting or webinar.

Running Your Poll
Once you have your poll created and inserted into your presentation media tray, you can run it at any time by double clicking its thumbnail in the media tray. Your participants will see the question and available answers appear on their screen. As they begin submitting answers, you will see the results of the poll in your meeting controls.

Unless you have checked the "Display Results to Participants" checkbox, your participants will see a generic "Thank You" message after submitting their response.

1. Poll Form: As the host, you can also submit an answer to the poll, or click the "Skip to Results" button to pass on submitting an answer. Poll results will appear in place of the poll form.
2. Close Poll & Display Results: You can close the poll at any time, preventing participants from submitting answers. You can also decide whether or not participants see the poll result on their screen.
3. Poll Results: A numerical breakdown of all submitted answers.

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