Post Meeting Emails & Surveys

The post-meeting email is the best way to provide follow-up information and documentation to your attendees. You can also direct participants to a survey where they can provide feedback about your presentation. You can customize the questions on this survey to better understand how effective the meeting was or ask follow-up questions about the information presented. Additionally, you can add custom messaging to attendees to thank them for joining.

You'll find these options in the Additional Tools & Settings section of your meeting

Post Meeting Settings
Post-Meeting Email

The post-meeting email is fully customizable. You can add a custom message, custom survey link, recordings, and files to download.
Use this opportunity to thank your attendees after the meeting and follow up with additional information.
Post Meeting Email
Post-Meeting Survey

The standard survey question is "Please provide us with your comments on the meeting"
We suggest including custom questions to get a better understanding of how your audience received your information and to gather specifics about points that you covered. The Post-Meeting survey has the potential to spark thoughtful insights from your attendees
Edit Post Meeting Survey Questions

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