Sharing Slides & Videos

After you've uploaded slides and videos to your meeting controls, you can share them at any time during a web meeting so that your participants can follow along with discussed content. If you haven't yet uploaded content, check out our Uploading Content: Slides & Videos article.

Sharing Slides

Double click the thumbnail of any uploaded slide to being sharing it with your participants. The slide will fill the extents of your participants' monitors.

Note: If you've opened your meeting controls but haven't yet clicked "Start Meeting", opening a slide will immediately start your meeting

After you begin sharing a slide, you'll see a set of markup tools that appear in the bottom left hand corner of the presentation stage.

1. Stamp Tool*: Place arrows, laser pointer dots, or checkmarks directly on the slide. Your participants will see your stamp moving around the screen even if you don't click to place it directly on the presentation.
2. Highligher*: Highlight the slide in either yellow, green, or red.
3. Pen Tool*: Draw on the slide using a fine-point pen in either black, blue, green, or red ink.
4. Eraser: After selecting the eraser, left+click any annotation to remove it from the presented slide.
5. Screen Eraser: After selecting the screen eraser, all annotations will immediately be deleted.
6. Next Media: These forward and backward arrows will progress your presentation to the next media in your media tray.
7. Full Screen: Enter full-screen mode for the current slide. This will not affect how participants see your shared media.

*Click the dropdown arrow beside these buttons to reveal additional color choices.

Progressing Slides & Animations
To progress a slideshow forward and backward, the meeting host or any promoted co-presenters can click the forward (>) and backward (<) arrows that appear alongside the markup tools. ReadyTalk will not play any animations or transition effects in the uploaded file; all slides appear as flattened, static images.

Previewing Slides
If you'd like to see a preview of a slide before you begin sharing, hover your mouse over the slide's thumbnail and click the magnifying glass 🔎 icon that appears in the thumbnail's top right corner. Participants will not know that you're previewing a slide.

Sharing Videos

After you've uploaded a video and added it to the media tray, you can play it for your participants the same way you share a slide. Double click the video's thumbnail to open the playback controls.
Note: Videos will not begin playing automatically -- you must click the "Play" button to begin streaming the video after you've opened it.

1. Restart: Click to restart the video back to its beginning. The video will not play automatically after you restart it.
2. Play: Click to begin playing your video. Participants will see the video and its audio will begin playing through their channel (whether they're on the phone or using computer audio).
3. Next Media: Click to progress to the next item in your media tray, whether that be a slide, poll, or video.
4. Audio Controls: Adjust the playback audio level for the video, affecting all participants' audio levels. Remember that audio participants may also control playback audio by changing the phone or computer audio level.
5. Timer: To show the playback time of the video
6. Full Screen: Open the video in full-screen mode on your computer. This will not affect how participants are seeing the video.

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