Sharing Webcam Video

Your ReadyTalk room can support up to 30 simultaneous live webcam feeds if the meeting host enables it during a meeting or webinar. To get started, click the "Enable Webcams" button in the toolbar at the top of your meeting controls. After you turn on webcams, that button will revert to say "Disable Webcams".

Presenter View
Once you enable webcam mode, your webcam will immediately start. Make sure that your webcam is connected to your computer and is a recognized device. If you need to troubleshoot that connection, click the cog wheel ⚙ icon in the blue toolbar that appears.

Webcams will appear in a separate, movable window that is independent from your meeting controls window. You can resize and drag this window to position it on your monitor where it works best.

If you are the only person sharing webcam video, your image will appear as a large tile. As other participants start sharing their video, you'll see their camera feeds appear as separate tiles in the video conferencing panel. Your shared video will appear in the small circle beside the "Stop Sharing My Webcam" button.

Participant View
Participants will not see the option to enable their webcam until the host has turned on webcam mode. At that point, they'll be asked by their browser if they'd like to allow streaming video using a connected webcam. If they allow it, they'll also start broadcasting their webcam feed.

The partcipant webcam view is embedded into the same screen as your web meeting room presentation. It cannot be repositioned, however it can be collapsed: hovering the mouse over the webcam window will give the option to collapse the webcam panel or stop broadcasting your webcam video.

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