Sharing Your Screen

You can share either your entire monitor or a specific application to participants in your web meeting room at any time, regardless of whether you're on a Meeting or Webinar plan. While you are sharing your monitor, your participants will see everything that you do in the selected area, such as your mouse cursor, desktop, or any applications that you are running. Participants must be in your web conference room to see your screen while you are sharing.

Screen sharing is typically used for demonstration purposes or to present a file or program that your participants don't have access to. You can turn screen sharing on and off during a presentation as needed to create a dynamic meeting experience.

To Start Sharing Your Screen
Once your meeting controls have opened, click the "Share" button in the toolbar at the top of the controls window.

In the window that opens, you can select to share either a desktop or specific application. Click "Share" to begin sharing your monitor with your participants.

Share Desktop: If you are running multiple displays, you'll be given the option to choose which monitor you would like to share. Participants will see the full extents of that monitor.
Share Applications: Use this option to share a limited view of a specific program(s) and prevent participants from seeing your desktop.

Once you start sharing, your Meeting Controls will collapse and the Condensed Meeting Controls toolbar will appear.

Tip: Rather than upload a Powerpoint deck to the Presentation media tray, try presenting your powerpoint on your monitor and then share your screen. This will allow you to present animations and slide transitions.

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