Start a Phone Meeting

Via Telephone

  1. Dial your conferencing telephone number (If calling from outside the US and Canada, dial the corresponding international toll or toll free number

  2. Enter your 7 digit Access Code followed by the # key when prompted

  3. If you are the chairperson, press * when prompted

  4. Enter your Chairperson Passcode followed by the # key when prompted

  5. Press 1 to start your conference when prompted

  6. You will then hear the message "Your conference will now begin"

Via Web Controls

  1. Go to and log in as the Chairperson

  2. Once logged into your Conference Center, select a meeting and click the Open Meeting Controls button

  3. Once the controls are open, choose the Call Me button on the left side of the screen

  4. Enter your personal telephone number in the "Please type your phone number..." field, select which country you are calling from, and then click the Call My Phone button

  5. ReadyTalk’s autoŵated system will then call your phone and place you into the audio conference as the chairperson

Notes: If you are located outside of the USA or Canada and you would like to use "Call Me" feature,via your Web Controls, you will need to have your account configured to dial out internationally. Please contact customer support at +1.303.209.1600 or for more information. 

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