Starting an On Demand Meeting

Starting an On Demand Meeting

On Demand Meetings are the most commonly used meeting type and are used anytime you need to host a conference. Participants can join an On-Demand Meeting either by opening your Web Conference Room URL or by dialing your conference phone number, both of which can be found in your Conference Center.

To Start an On Demand Meeting:
   1. Navigate to and click "Sign In".
   2. In the conference center, select the "On Demand" radio button.
   3. Select "Open Meeting Controls".

Your meeting controls should open, allowing you to start your meeting and manage participants.
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**Note: Even if you're only hosting an audio conference call, you need to open your meeting controls to manage the meeting.

Inviting Participants to an On-Demand Meeting:
Click the "Participant Login Info" link beneath the On Demand Meeting radio button to see your web conference URL and telephone access numbers.

Participants can join your web meeting by opening your unique conference URL. Audio connection options will be presented to a participant when they join your call. By default, toll-free dial-in numbers are not made visible.

Alternatively, a participant can dial your conference phone number but not join your web meeting room. This will establish an audio connection however the participant won't be in your web meeting room.

Billing Considerations

Depending on the type of plan you're on, you may incur charges when you're hosting a web conference.

Monthly or Annual Subscription Plans
If you're on a monthly or annual subscription, you can host an unlimited number of meetings at no additional cost so long as:
   1. Your participants aren't using a Toll-Free or International Line.
   2. For Webinar subscriptions, the number of participants does not exceed your plan's capacity.
   3. You are not using operator assist or a concierge service (such as a managed event).

Per-Minute Payment Plans
Anytime you host a meeting, you will be billed for any minutes your attendees are connected to your web meeting room or are dialed into your conference phone number.

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