Uploading Content: Slides & Videos

You can open your meeting controls at any time by launching either an On-Demand or Scheduled Meeting and then pre-populate your room with uploaded Powerpoint decks or .mp4 videos to share during your meeting or webinar. Content uploaded into your Meeting Room is persistent across any meeting that you launch. To learn more, check out our Sharing Slides & Videos article.

Uploaded presentation content can be used to stream a video or present a slide to your participants at any time. At the end of this article you'll see some tips and tricks for how best to use uploaded content.

To Upload Slides To Your Meeting Room
Click the "Add Slides" button in the presentation tray at the bottom of your meeting controls. A file picker will open allowing you to select a Powerpoint (.pptx) file that is on your computer's hard drive.

After you select a Powerpoint file to upload, a loading window will appear to let you know the file is being flattened and prepared. Any animations or transitions in your powerpoint deck will be removed and slides will appear as flattened images.

The amount of time required to process your slides depends on the size and complexity of your presentation, however you are limited to 200 slides. Once your presentation has been uploaded, your slides will appear in the Media tray. Double click a slide to share it with your participants.

To Upload Video Files To Your Meeting Room
Select the "Add Video" button in the presentation tray at the bottom of your meeting controls. A Video Management window will appear that you can use to manage your uploaded video content.

Add New Video: Select an .mp4 file from your computer and upload it to the Video Management window. You can upload up to 10 videos.
Insert / Insert Selected: Add a selected video to your meeting room's media tray. You can have video files in your Video Management panel that are not ready to present, for example.
Delete Selected: Remove a video file from the management window, freeing up space to upload another video as needed.

Once a video has been inserted into your media tray, you can double click it to play the video to your participants.

Tips & Tricks
Running a Powerpoint presentation entirely from the media tray can feel stubborn, especially if you're used to using your computer's spacebar or bluetooth clicker. It's recommended that for these types of presentations to share your monitor and run the presentation using Powerpoint's Presentation Mode.

Uploaded Powerpoint slides come in handy anytime you want to hold a Question & Answer session. Create a slide that says "Questions?" and upload it to the meeting room, then double-click it and present it so your participants know you're pausing for responses.

Additionally, an uploaded slide can be used to provide dial-in information, which can come in handy if participants begin complaining about connectivity issues (e.g. "What's the dial-in number?"). Having a slide with that information on it can come in handy -- simply double click it when you need to remind people of how to connect and the information will appear on their screen.

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