Using the Desktop Application

Using the Desktop Application

Installing the Desktop Application
Click here to visit our downloads page and install the desktop meeting launcher.

Once downloaded, the installer will guide you through two prompts.

Step 1: Enter your name and dial-in number, which is the conference phone number seen listed in the Conference Center. Enter in your access and passcode used to login to the Conference Center.
Step 2: Store a default "CallMe" number to be used anytime you use the Call-Me function when joining or hosting a meeting.

Features of the Desktop Application

Once installed, the desktop application helps you keep track of scheduled meetings and launch instant meetings. When configured to launch when your computer starts, it makes starting meetings easier than having to login to the conference center.

The Home Tab: See a list of your scheduled meetings for the current day. Quickly start either a scheduled or on demand meeting from this view.
The Host Tab: Start an instant meeting, see who's currently in your conference room, and dial yourself directly at your "Call Me At" number.
The More Tab: Access and update application settings, such as your "Call Me At" number. Jump straight to the conference center to schedule an upcoming meeting.

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