FUTURE OF WORK: How to use Technology to Drive your Organization's Success

The evolution of technology in the workplace has enabled companies to streamline many aspects of the organization. It's allowed marketing to micro-target communications, manage projects across departments, increase customer engagement, automate many administrative tasks, and more. 

Can You Hear Me Now? Implementing conferencing that's reliable, secure and usable

Web and audio conferences that combine audio, slides and more are a common feature of business life these days, from planning calls to sales presentations to training and other uses. A variety of services are available to provide the voice and Web components, freeing IT from having to develop and deploy an in-house system. But that doesn't mean IT's off the hook for security and administration. It's also critical to have criteria for judging a service's reliability and quality.

How to Build a Customer Centric Enterprise with Cloud Computing

As competition for your products and services continues to grow the customer experience is becoming the next battleground to differentiate your company and grow your business. In this webinar learn how companies are leveraging cloud computing and social media to build a customer centric company that builds loyal customers and drives profitable growth for your business.

Take away best practices on:

Enterprise 2.0 - Leveraging blogs, wikis and RSS to improve communications and reduce information overload

Web 2.0 technogies aren't just for consumers. They can actually help organizations of all sizes communicate more effectively and reduce information overload. In this seminar, you"ll learn about some of the key "Enterprise 2.0" technologies such as blogs, wikis and RSS feeds and understand how they can be used to improve communication and collaboration, increase productivity, capture tacit knowledge and reduce the reliance on everyone's favorite dumping ground—the e-mail inbox.

The Business Value of User Experience

We're doing this event slightly different than others. You'll be able to view a video of the presentation material here at your convenience. The scheduled date of April 6th @ 2:00ET will be a live Q&A session with EffectiveUI president, Anthony Franco, covering any questions, comments or discussion points you'd like to bring to the table.Check out the event description below:

The Business Value of User Experience

Whether you want to sell more software, improve employee efficiency or increase ad revenue, great user experiences (UX) better play large in your business strategy. In this session, you will learn why and how engaging software drives value to strategic business goals by increasing site stickiness, differentiating from competitors and making users hungry for your product or services.

Assessing the Costs of Business Systems: Software as a Service, Or In-House Development?

Buy vs. build is a difficult choice in any organization. On the SaaS side, it is tempting to over-value the benefit of outsourcing support and maintenance without considering the limitations. On the custom development side, it is equally tempting to underestimate the true cost of using a "free" in-house software to develop systems. This engaging webinar will provide insights and tools to help you make an objective assessment for your organization.

IT Security Incident Handling: Turning Challenging Days into Win-Win Situations

We all hope that we'll never have to deal with a real or suspected IT security incident. Unfortunately, industry statistics tell us that 50% of organizations will be faced with this situation within the next year. Managing an IT security incident correctly is the key to avoiding adverse business impact, including bad PR, lost profits, or lost intellectual property. We'll talk about how to properly prepare your organization for that dreaded day such that you can minimize impact and look like a pro.