The Future of Work: Office Design and Infrastructure Evolution

The modern workplace has the undue pressure of attracting the best talent, supporting the work at hand, being aligned with the digital flow of a business and providing the hospitality demand of the modern workforce.

All these factors come together to shape models appropriate for workplace design. Knoll, a modern design company known internationally for creating workplace and residential furnishings that inspire, evolve and endure, consistently explores what is next for the workplace.

Adding Presence to Business Processes: Trends in Messaging and Presence Technology

By integrating presence into applications, devices, and systems you can improve the velocity of information in your organization. Whether it is person-to-person, server-to-server, server-to-application, or other combinations, presence can be used to ensure that information reaches the right place, at the right time, and in the right context. In this seminar, Dave Uhlir will reveal the latest best practices organizations are implementing to take advantage of the benefits of presence-enabling business processes.

Public Versus Enterprise Instant Messaging: What You Need to Know

In the past few years public instant messaging (IM) use has been adopted, either officially or unofficially, in a majority of organizations. While the benefits of improved communications and efficiency are apparent to most, the limitations and risks of public IM may not be as easily recognized. In this seminar, Dave Uhlir will offer his expert perspective on public versus enterprise IM, with special attention to key issues such as security and compliance, flexibility, extensibility, and intellectual property protection.

Seven Deadly Sins of Small Business

Join us in exploring seven business-killing traps that every owner must avoid. From poor hiring to sloppy accounting to weak branding - learn how to avoid these common mistakes that ultimately cause many businesses to fail.

The Top 5 Legal Trends for Nonprofits

The legal landscape for tax-exempt organizations has changed more in the most recent three years than in the previous three decades. This workshop will highlight important trends in nonprofit law, regulation, and governance, as well as focus on practical and strategic responses for board and staff leaders. Major topics include:

Non-Profit Series: A Manager's Simple Checklist for Online Success (Part V)

Part five wraps up our Non-Profit series this month and we’re bringing back some of our favorites to deliver a checklist of action items to rate your organization. What are we covering this time?

  • How to make marketing more accountable
  • Understanding how multiple channels of marketing work together
  • Highlight the key points we've covered previously on SEO, WordPress, Google Grants, and Facebook

No pop quiz will be given, but if you need a quick review, be sure check out the recordings from prior events:

Uncovering Your Most Important Customers' Unmet Needs

Join Dick Lee once more in expanding upon the definition of Value Innovation: Delivering exceptional value to the most important customer in the value chain, all the time, every time.

Continue down the path by diving into the 10-Step Value Innovation Process. We will uncover answers to questions such as “I want to develop a Blue Ocean Opportunity - where do I start?” “What’s the Process?”  “What do I do next?”, and more.

Blue Ocean Strategy (Part I)

In this 60 minute presentation you will learn effective uses and best practices around the Blue Ocean Strategy. What is this strategy all about? Simply put: make the competition irrelevant & create an uncontested market space.

Dick Lee of Value Innovations will discuss why this is the single most important task you carry out in developing new software, a new product or new service. Ultimately, the success of all other steps hinges solely on getting this one right. Join in the conversation and discover:

The 2009 FORTUNE 100 Best Companies to Work For: Tools and Techniques of the Best

Join Great Place to Work Institute Co-Founder and Director of Corporate Research Amy Lyman, PhD as she shares lessons and insights from the 2009 FORTUNE 100 Best Companies to Work For. How have they performed over the past year, what tools and techniques are they using to keep employees informed during these challenging times, and how are employees responding—has there been a shift in the level of trust?

Let the policies, practices and lessons learned from this stellar group of companies provide useful guidance for your own organization.