Why Marketers Should have a Seat at the Ciris Communications Table

A natural or business disaster can strike at any time. And, often when they hit, we defer to PR and corporate communications to handle the issue. However, marketers also play a pivotal role in crisis and issues management when it comes to getting the business back up, and getting key messaging out to stakeholders. Find out how you can be prepared when business disruption occurs.

What You’ll Learn:

Winning Email Strategy for your Events: It's a Marathon, Not a Sprint.

Preparing for an event is like running a race – you can’t be successful without a plan. You know you can rely on email, but are you using this channel to its full potential? This webinar will cover proven email marketing strategies for your live and digital events; from generating awareness and registration (training), to nurturing for attendance (warm-up), to helpful follow-up communications that leave attendees wanting more (victory lap).

Key Takeaways:

The 3 Keys to Successful Content Marketing

Get results with influential content marketing! Considering the endless digital options to market great content in 2018, what channels generate the most leads? Hear from two marketing experts about maximizing demand generation for B2C and B2B consumers.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn first-hand marketing tips from two reputable tech businesses
  • Discover the best ways to acquire new customers
  • Improve retention and growth opportunities within your customer base

Increasing Conversion Rates: How Gated Content Can Quickly Turn Leads into Customers

Permission-based marketing is the leader in B2B conversion strategy — but what types of content forms deliver the best results? After surveying a group of marketing influencers, our partners at Ascend2 Research found valuable clues about consumer conversion rates. Learn about the best types of gated content for your marketing program and put more qualified leads in your pipeline!

Converting More Customers: How to Effectively Scale Digital Marketing for Multi-Location Brands

If your brand is a franchise system or multi-location business that has a large brick-and-mortar footprint, scaling local digital marketing campaigns requires a delicate balance of managing national strategies to promote and protect the overall brand, and localized marketing programs that assist in driving customers to your business locations.

6 Ways to Better Engage Your Audience

Virtual events and webinars are a tried and true way to connect with your target market, acquire new leads and move them through the funnel. With that said, it’s becoming more and more difficult to increase registration and attendance rates, not to mention other engagement metrics like chats, questions, poll answers, social engagement and post event follow up.