WordPress for Non-Profits: No Resources, No Problem! (Part II)

Join special guest, Don Campbell, President of in Part II of the five-part ReadyTalk Non-Profit Webinar Series as they discuss how NPOs can generate compelling websites using the WordPress platform. It's fully-featured--

7 Effective Facebook Advertising Techniques for Brands and Direct Marketers

Social advertising is different than traditional PPC-- find out how you can tap into this new, plentiful source of traffic to drive conversions.  Common questions arise such as:

Dialing in, Logging on, Nodding Off: Why Telemeetings Go Wrong and What You Can Do To Prevent It

Everyone is looking for ways to cut costs and work smarter these days, and that means more organizations are scheduling teleconferences, videoconferences, and webinars instead of in-person meetings. On paper, where the savings clearly add up, this makes sense, but if you've ever been stuck on an endless conference call, you may already be wondering: is this really a better way to meet?

How to Generate More Referrals Than You Ever Thought Possible

  • Discover how to significantly shorten your sales cycle and STILL make more money!
  • Uncover the KEY to increasing your closing ratio!
  • Learn how to stop wasting valuable time with the WRONG people!
  • Design a strategic REFERRAL POWER TEAM that consistently brings you more business!

What's Working in Online Marketing Events in 2009

In a recession it is even more important than ever to look for ways to improve revenue, cut costs, and get more from your marketing budget. Join the ReadyTalk and Quantum Leap Marketing for an interactive webinar discussion which reveals today's best practices for marketing during a recession and how winning online marketing can make your marketing efforts more effective. You’ll learn how to avoid the common online mistakes and what to do to increase online lead flow by up to 500% within 6 months.

Here are just a few take-away points:

I Tweet Therefore I am: How to Present, Monitor and Protect Your Company Brand on Twitter

Twitter is hugely popular and is showing no signs of slowing down. If you are new to Twitter, the temptation is to jump right in and start Twittering and there is certainly nothing wrong with that, but what about your Company Brand? The way you represent your company on Twitter speaks volumes about your Enterprise and has an effect that can linger for years. In "I Tweet Therefore I Am," Jim Stroud discusses:

A Personalized URL Workshop: What is it & How it Can Boost your Marketing Efforts

Jeff Finkelstein, founder of Customer Paradigm, a Boulder-based web marketing firm, will discuss an emerging trend in website marketing: Personalized URLs.

What is a personalized URL? It’s something like this link:

...that goes to a personalized web page that greets the individual by name.

Why are personalized URLs so effective?

Top 10 Ways to Promote Your Marketing Webinars and Web Selling Events

Let’s face it, bigger is better when it comes to webinars and web events.

How can you get more registrants and leads from your next event? What are some proven strategies that can increase your attendance by up to 500% at your next event?

Join Bob Hanson, president of Quantum Leap Marketing, Inc, and author of numerous reports on webinars for this interactive discussion to help you obtain a significant increase of registrants and attendees from every event.

Bringing in the Business: Leveraging Web Seminars for Lead Generation and Qualification

Dru Jacobs, Director of Lead Generation at Rally Software Development, has proven that a well-executed web seminar strategy is one of the best ways to drive highly qualified leads to your company.

He will join us and share:

  • Tactics for building a thematic series of web seminar events
  • Methods for moving leads through the series and qualifying them
  • Ways of weaving your services or solutions into your events
  • Ideas for how to measure success

Success! How to Use ReadyTalk's Advanced Features to Sell More, Reach More People and Create Action

This seminar will provide an overview of the valuable ReadyTalk features you will use to find and qualify leads, raise awareness of your products and services, nurture prospects, and ultimately, win new customers or advocates. We will review: