Cashing In on Webinars (Part III): 5 Ways to Use Webinars to Grow Your Business - Fast

If you could wave a magic wand and suddenly have more leads, more opportunity, and more paying business with clients all over town and all over the world, would you be interested?  Of course!  For these kinds of results, though, you don’t need a magic wand.  Instead, learn how to leverage interactive webinars to gain a substantial competitive advantage.

Cashing In on Email Marketing (Part II)

Cashing in on Email Marketing is the second segment in The “Cashing In” Series For Small Business brought to you by Second Story Solutions – “Where Smart Growth Wins Big”. The cost of retaining a customer is a fraction of the cost of acquiring one, so why don't businesses focus as much of their marketing budget & efforts on retention activities as on acquisition?  Email has proven to be the most effective customer retention tool, ever-- if done right. 

Cashing In on Your Brand (Part I)

Every business, whether small, medium or large; start-up or well-established; B2B or B2C has a unique brand.  Do you know what your brand stands for? Have you dug deep, to discover what makes you unique? Now is the time to make sure you and your employees are crystal clear on who you are as a brand, what you stand for, and what you promise to deliver to your customers.  Now is the time to define, build and evolve your brand from the inside out to ensure its sustainability in any economic environment.

Tools of Engagement (Part II)

You’ve put together an amazing line-up of speakers. You’ve hit it out of the park with promotion and your registration list is growing by the day. The groundwork is in place and you’ve crafted a compelling message for your target audience – so once they’ve logged on, how do you keep them from nodding off?

For the second event in our three-part “Invite, Meet, Share” Series, we’re bringing you two of the best speakers in the business to answer these questions:

Dialing in, Logging on, Nodding Off: Why Telemeetings Go Wrong and What You Can Do To Prevent It

Everyone is looking for ways to cut costs and work smarter these days, and that means more organizations are scheduling teleconferences, videoconferences, and webinars instead of in-person meetings. On paper, where the savings clearly add up, this makes sense, but if you've ever been stuck on an endless conference call, you may already be wondering: is this really a better way to meet?

What's Working in Online Marketing Events in 2009

In a recession it is even more important than ever to look for ways to improve revenue, cut costs, and get more from your marketing budget. Join the ReadyTalk and Quantum Leap Marketing for an interactive webinar discussion which reveals today's best practices for marketing during a recession and how winning online marketing can make your marketing efforts more effective. You’ll learn how to avoid the common online mistakes and what to do to increase online lead flow by up to 500% within 6 months.

Here are just a few take-away points:

I Tweet Therefore I am: How to Present, Monitor and Protect Your Company Brand on Twitter

Twitter is hugely popular and is showing no signs of slowing down. If you are new to Twitter, the temptation is to jump right in and start Twittering and there is certainly nothing wrong with that, but what about your Company Brand? The way you represent your company on Twitter speaks volumes about your Enterprise and has an effect that can linger for years. In "I Tweet Therefore I Am," Jim Stroud discusses: