The 5 Attributes of Great Leaders: How to Develop Great Leadership within Ourselves and Our Organizations

Join Hal Adler, Founder and Principal of Leadership LandingTM for a conversation about The 5 Attributes of Great Leaders. After many years of observing great leaders within great workplaces, Leadership LandingTM has identified 5 specific attributes that differentiate great leaders from the rest. Hal will discuss The 5 Attributes of Great Leaders (Self-Awareness, Bravery, Kindness, Innovation, and Inspiration) while drawing from numerous best practices and case studies.

This interactive presentation will:

Innovation & Creation (Part II): Stimulus Principles

Join What If's, the world's largest independent innovation consultancy, as they explore easy to adopt methods & principles for increasing your success (and the fun you have) with generating ideas.

Our brains are hard-wired to store the vast amounts of data we receive in a logical, systematic way, a bit like a very big filing cabinet. This helps us to process information very quickly. However, this often hinders our ability to generate new and original ideas.

Active Living - a discussion on a 21st century approach to making your health an asset for daily living at work and at home

The places we live in, work in and the knowledge we have about enhancing our health are in constantly-evolving states of change. In this interactive and enlightening session, Phil Haberstro, Executive Director of the National Association for health and fitness, will lead a discussion on integrating regular physical activity into our daily lives.