Professional Development

A Compelling Case for Conferencing: How to Use This Technology for Maximum Benefit

Do you currently use web conferencing? Do you have the feeling that there is a lot more to this technology than you know? If you don’t use it, do you get the feeling that you should be?

Are you getting the most out of you web conferencing service during the economic downturn? Did you know that experts are pointing to web conferencing technology as an essential driver for immediate cost savings, as well as a way to drive incremental revenue growth?

The 5 Attributes of Great Leaders: How to develop great leadership within ourselves and our organizations

Join Hal Adler, Founder and Principal of Leadership Landing™ for a conversation about The 5 Attributes of Great Leaders. After many years of observing great leaders within great workplaces, Leadership Landing™ has identified 5 specific attributes that differentiate great leaders from the rest. Hal will discuss The 5 Attributes of Great Leaders (Self-Awareness, Bravery, Kindness, Innovation, and Inspiration) while drawing from numerous best practices and case studies.

This interactive presentation will:

Anti-Social Networking: A new twist to an old approach

WHAT: A workshop session demonstrating techniques for effective face-to-face networking skills that produce telling results. While social networking is all the rage, 70% of business results are from direct face-to-face referrals. You and/or your staff are responsible to purposefully represent your business and reach desired pre-ordained goals. How are you arming your staff and directing their efforts to expand the critical skills they need for valuable network building?

Presentations That Compel Your Audience to Action

Formal presentations are a challenge for most individuals. Do you know the key elements of a successful presentation? Will your audience be persuaded to move forward or left wanting?

This hour will highlight key topics that will help you prepare for that next client or internal presentation. You will hear strategies for opening your presentation to capture your audience’s interest, developing the flow of your message and using the language that will enhance that message.

...But I Might Need it Someday! Make 2009 a Year of Organization

Imagine being able to find things when you need them—not 3 weeks later. If you’ve been miserable because clutter and chaos are ruling your life, ...But I Might Need It Someday is for you. Patty’s program offers simple, practical solutions on how to organize your life and WIN the clutter battle once and for all! Increase your morale and bottom line and decrease the stress and frustration of disorganization. Uncover the complete process on how to get organized.

Coping with Stress: Finding Your Work & Life Balance

Today's workplace demands high performance of its employees, but that no longer means putting work ahead of everything else. Organizations formerly disregarded the need to balance life outside of work and accepted the fact that productivity suffered as a result. Today's more dynamic, team-oriented organizations require flexible, creative, sustainable performance, the kind that comes with people who know how to balance the urgent demands of work life and personal life without sacrificing either.

Innovation & Creation: Your Jumpstart to a New Year & a New Vision (Part I)

Join ?What If!, the world's largest independent innovation consultancy, as they share six creative behaviors that will help you unleash creativity and unlock innovation.

Why behaviors? Adopting and following a specific process won't guarantee innovation. It's getting people to behave in the right way throughout the process that creates the magic.

Becoming a ReadyTalk Pro: Top Ten Lessons on the Latest Features from Master Trainer, Shawn Cardinal

ReadyTalk's Conference Center is chock full of valuable features to help you conduct fantastic web meetings. Join Training Master Shawn Cardinal and the ReadyTalk gang for a fresh look at all of the ReadyTalk features you may have missed. Discover new ways of scheduling, running, managing and marketing all of your conferences, from small, ad-hoc meetings to large, important webinars.

This web seminar is a great overview for how to best use ReadyTalk's advanced conferencing and management tools to meet the goals of your organization.

It's Time... To Take Control of Your Life

You have 24 hours in your day, just like everyone else, but does it feel like you only have 19? So how do you get the most out of your 24 hours without feeling like you are spinning your wheels? If you have ever set goals and identified your vision, you know these are essential steps. Patty will help you take a closer look at your life so you can successfully manage your time.

Using Your Voice Like a Pro: Tips from a Vocal Coach to Make Your Teleconferences and Web Seminars Sound Great

You have spent a long time preparing for your meetings and events, and your message needs a voice worthy of the time you invested. Your voice is your instrument. Are you using it properly, with sound and personality that makes people listen?