How to Establish a Sales Enablement Process

The year is more than halfway over, and you may be struggling with sales pipeline and demand generation goals. Sales enablement is one way to quickly rectify this and begin hitting your target numbers. 

In this webinar

Matt Heinz, President of Heinz Marketing Inc., will introduce strategic & tactical best practices that marketers can drive to increase your sales and marketing teams' productivity and results, including:

Find Your Viral Voice: How to Generate Viral Referral Behavior for Your Business

Organic referrals are 17,400% more effective at converting prospects into paying customers than any other form of media and, since they’re free, they’re exponentially more profitable.

Once you know the psychological drivers that trigger your customers' referral reflex, compelling them to recommend your products and services to their friends, you can deliberately build these referrals into your business and drive dramatic growth.

The strategies and processes we’ll cover can be applied to any business, at any stage.

Striking it Rich with Sales Enablement

Most organizations agree that Sales Enablement is a function that helps develop and implement strategy to improve the sales process.  However, confusion surrounding how to orient, communicate about, measure and manage sales enablement causes it to underperform in many organizations.   
How can Sales Enablement best do what its name implies? During this webinar, Demand Metric chief analyst Jerry Rackley will:
  • Share data from a recent study to describe the current Sales Enablement landscape

How Does Salesforce Do It? Driving Collaboration in the Online Success Community

The Salesforce Success Community now exceeds 850,000 members and continues to grow daily. As avid members, we all look for ways to engage with customers, partners, and experts.  The online community provides a new way to connect, find answers, contribute ideas, collaborate, and discuss. By leveraging audio and web conferencing technology integrated with Salesforce,  Salesforce amplifies collaboration and idea-sharing with real-time, online meetings, trainings, and webinars.

3 Ways to Keep Sales Momentum Going

In today’s crazy-busy world, capturing and keeping your prospects’ attention requires Herculean efforts.  One day a prospect states their desire to change, the next day they default to the status quo.  If you’re in sales, you’re constantly searching for articles, webinars, videos, e-books, etc., that you can use to keep the sales momentum going. 

A Facelift for Your Nurturing Initiatives: Refresh Your Customer Loyalty and Retention

There has been much talk about CRM becoming less effective. Is your loyalty program an example of this? How do your customers perceive your loyalty and retention initiatives? Are your program still fresh and in high demand by your customers? When was the last time you stepped back and evaluated your program — and made improvements?

Improving the Results of Your Prospecting Efforts

Title: Improving the Results of Your Prospecting Efforts

Ineffective prospecting is far too common, yet prospecting effectiveness is something we can control. By making improvements to prospecting and qualification efforts, you will be able to focus your limited time on opportunities that have the best chance of resulting in good business. This presentation will review the causes of ineffective prospecting and offer solutions to improve this critical sales activity.

What you will learn:

Taming the Volatile Sales Cycle

Many companies experience wild fluctuation in their revenues. During one quarter, new offerings are selling faster than proverbial hotcakes. But in the next quarter, the sales force can't seem to give those same products away. At the beginning of every quarter, sales tend to falter; at the end, they often surge. This continuous roller coaster can be a huge problem when big deals fail to materialize at the last minute. Join us for this webinar to learn how to achieve a more continuous and predictable revenue stream by prioritizing your sales activities.

5 Essential Actions to Advance Your Game. How to See more. Sell more. Keep more.

Whether you're pitching products to a new prospect, fending off competitors from an existing customer, jumpstarting a new enterprise, or selling yourself to your next employer, marketing yourself to an audience of one is essential. This session will show you five tactics every "salesperson" must have in their own Marketing "Playbook."

And don't be fooled, this session is not about some lofty goals and expensive creative collateral only some of us can afford. These tactics are for everyone on any budget!