Breaking the Bonds: The Freedom of Entrepreneurship

Linda Burzynski, CEO, Liberty Fitness; Ja-Naé Duane, Founder, Wild Women Entrepreneurs; Stephanie Scholz Neurohr, CEO, Mother of 7, Inc.

Linda Burzynski is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Liberty Fitness Holdings, LLC. Liberty Fitness is a women's health club with a total body approach to fitness, weight loss, and wellness; all under one roof in a spa-like setting. She joined the company as CEO in July of 2005.

Ja-Naé Duane founded Wild Women Entrepreneurs in 2005 with $100 from a desire to help success-driven women share talents, skills, and resources. Wild WE is 20 months old with over 10,000 members, 45 chapters in 6 countries and a radio show. A professional opera singer, Ja-Naé is an entrepreneur devoted to singing, acting, networking, and guerilla and buzz marketing.

Stephanie Scholz Neurohr is a traditional mother of seven who does it all. She is a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, author and the founder & CEO of Mother of 7, Inc.—a motherhood company specializing in products for the expectant, new mother, and family. Stephanie is a recognized leader in motherhood development and is known world-wide for her outstanding contributions in educating new and expecting mothers.

Moderator: Liz Ryan, an award-winning entrepreneur, former corporate executive, working mother, published author and acclaimed speaker on business and workplace issues, started WorldWIT in July 1999 because she believed "smart women should know each other." Today, there are 83 chapters worldwide, providing networking, mentoring and support to nearly 50,000 members in 25 countries around the globe.