How to Create a Stream of Ideal Prospects Continuously, through Qualified Personal Introductions

Dan Kusner

Dan Kusner is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University with a BS in Math and a MS in Nuclear Engineering. He was employed by Westinghouse while a student at CMU and subsequently spent more than 30 years in the Commercial Nuclear Business Unit. In 1986, Dan received the Business Unit's highest award for sales achievement. It was a very natural progression when Dan left Westinghouse in 1996 to become Vice President of Peak Performance Management, an affiliate of the Sandler Sales Institute. In 2001, Dan founded his own company, Optimum Business Development, LP.

Today, Dan is a consultant that helps companies increase top-line sales and bottom-line profitability. He teaches an outcome-based negotiation methodology as an alternative to the more typical and less productive positional-based negotiation methodology. Dan specializes in enabling sales professionals to identify personal, non-supportive belief systems and how to replace them with supportive belief systems and new paradigms that remove impediments to achieving success. He teaches and coaches powerful and innovative prospecting methodologies to sales professionals that need to prospect for new opportunities. Finally, he teaches and coaches sales professionals how to use an effective, consultative sales methodology that results in more and better business.

Category: Sales