Getting past the Gatekeeper: Guaranteed Strategies to Reach Top Prospects

Liz Beerman

As an international consultant with KLA Group, Ms. Beerman assists clients in assessing, defining and achieving their desired behavior change across their customer-facing organizations. With over twenty years experience working in both entrepreneurial as well as Fortune 500 IT companies, Ms. Beerman has extensive experience working with sales, customer service and operations organizations to assess, develop, and expand the skills of their people.

Ms. Beerman's learning programs combine real-time subject matter, dynamic activities and relevant takeaways using clients' own product and solution offerings, customer challenges and corporate objectives. As a consultant, trainer and facilitator, Ms. Beerman encourages clients to recognize and apply defined skills necessary to meet immediate company goals. Strengths in teambuilding, marketing, supply chain management, value added product selling, and solution selling are combined to increase clients' personal performance and companies' sales results.

Category: Sales