Innovation & Creation (Part II): Stimulus Principles

Dan Heasman

As a young student Dan's heart beat for geography and drawing. This led him to pursue a degree in town planning in London, but he grew to learn that most town planners don't plan towns nearly as often as they approve applications for extensions and conservatories. So, he set out for greener pastures.

At first, Dan administered training programs as an in-store trainer for Tesco. He continued his journey as a Training Officer with Earls Court & Olympia (ECO) exhibition centers in west London. A year later ?What If! was called in to help make this vision a reality and Dan was asked to project manage what was to become a cultural revolution.

Dan took on the What If way of doing things like coordinating the board and project team and engaging and coaching 25 culture champions. He was soon promoted to Director of HR. From there he continued to introduce innovative methods for helping teams create strategies, conduct recruitment, undertake performance reviews, and align all aspects of HR with the new vision.

After 6 years at ECO, Dan was ready to see the world. At the end of 2004 he set off to spend a year playing cricket in the streets of India, falling off of surfboards in Australia, jumping out of planes in New Zealand and climbing volcanoes in the Andes. Upon his return from the clouds, his next logical step was to join the London Learning team at ?What If!, & has since transferred to the New York team. Dan has proven to be a terrifically rare boon for so many aspects of the company.

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