Dialing in, Logging on, Nodding Off: Why Telemeetings Go Wrong and What You Can Do To Prevent It

Andy Goodman

Andy Goodman is a nationally recognized author, speaker and consultant in the field of public interest communications. Along with Storytelling as Best Practice, he is author of Why Bad Ads Happen to Good Causes and Why Bad Presentations Happen to Good Causes. He also publishes a monthly journal, Free-Range Thinking, to share best practices in the field.

He has been invited to speak at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, the Woodrow Wilson School of Public Affairs at Princeton, as well as at major foundation and nonprofit conferences. In 2007, he was selected by Al Gore to train 1,000 people who are currently conducting presentations on global warming throughout the US and around the world. And in 2008, he co-founded The Goodman Center to offer online versions of his workshops. To learn more about his work, please visit:

www.agoodmanonline.com and thegoodmancenter.com
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