It's the Fraud That'll Kill Ya': How to Avoid the Internet's Scammers, Spammers, Schemers and Slight-of-Handers

Michael Benidt and Sheryl Kay

Michael Benidt and Sheryl Kay have made it their mission to give you the tools you need to conquer information (and mis-information) overload. The goal of their training sessions and consulting services is to help you spend less time online and more time with paying customers (and living your REAL life).

As the only 11ft 8 inch, 310 lb, two-headed speaker we know of, they promise to treat technology with the disrespect it deserves - in order to get you to the good stuff, and leave the rest behind.

Michael and Sheryl are the owners of Golden Compass, Inc. and the creators of the series, "Hidden Treasures of the Internet: Surprising Secrets worth their Weight in Gold." You can learn more about them on their blogs, and

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