Seven Deadly Sins of Small Business

Richard Betts and Todd Brown

Richard Betts

Richard Betts is the founder and President of ASAP Accounting and Payroll Services, Inc. A successful property developer in Texas in his younger years, Richard succumbed to the lure of the mountains and Telluride in the 1970s, but he retains his Texan roots, colorful sayings, and some of his accent.

Recognizing a need for business services in Telluride, he established ASAP in 1990, and has been the driving force behind bringing technological innovation to the industry, and growing ASAP across Colorado and the rest of the country as satisfied customers spread the word.

Todd Brown

Todd Brown is ASAP's Business Coach and internal Director of Operations. Todd had a career as an operations executive with Anheuser-Busch and Sara Lee in the US and Europe before moving to Telluride full-time. He is now using his business and education experience to coach clients to adopting better business practices.

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