Cross-sell/Up-sell: Helping Your Customers Think Bigger

Dave Pearson & Frank Troppe

David Pearson
Vice President of Sales Operations

As a principal member of Miller Heiman's executive team, David has held a number of key management positions over his nearly ten years with the company and has developed a strong background of international experience, which includes developing critical markets throughout Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, in addition to North America. He is a recognized Miller Heiman content expert and is certified to facilitate Miller Heiman's sales development programs. He is also responsible for driving aggressive revenue growth through the hiring, management, and development of Miller Heiman's consulting partner distribution channel. He developed Miller Heiman's sales certification program, and ultimately certifies all of Miller Heiman's consulting partners, ensuring client engagement consistency and excellence. David has become a sought-after keynote speaker. He has made numerous presentations to private business and executive conferences and has spoken to audiences throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.

Frank Troppe
President, 3PR Corporation

Frank Troppe, a noted author and speaker on field operations, has 20 years experience aligning teams responsible for sales, marketing and operations. He is author of the book Branching Out and co-authored the book Cross Sell, Up Sell: Helping Your Customers Think Bigger with David Pearson from Miller Heiman. Frank is a graduate of Northwestern University and has a law degree from Loyola University of Chicago. He serves as the Executive Director of the Branch Productivity Institute, a non-profit organization formed to serve as a community for professionals in branch-based and store-based businesses.

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