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Don Crowther

Don Crowther is an internet strategy and marketing specialist. He provides coaching, consulting and keynote addresses for companies, professional and trade associations and entrepreneurs throughout North America. Don consistently delivers profit-boosting results to his clients through development of effective online strategies, tools and training to help them build their sales and profits online.

Don's specialty is generating large amounts of traffic to a website, then converting that traffic into paying customers.

With a master's degree in business, over 28 years of sales and marketing experience, and several successful internet businesses to his credit, Don is recognized as one of the top internet strategists and marketers in the world.

Don's client list ranges from giants like the world's largest client (The US Federal Government), Snap-on Tools, Chamberlain Garage Door Openers and US Gypsum; to associations like the National Association of Purchasing Managers; to medium and small-sized companies. He's even helped several startups and entrepreneurial companies get off the ground.

Some people approach any presentation on computers or the Internet with fear that they will be overwhelmed with techno-speak. Don's presentations are exactly the opposite. His real talent is his ability to teach normal people how to do things that others make seem too technical to understand. You'll leave his presentation motivated, entertained, informed, and with a specific list of action items that need to be done to achieve success in areas you struggled in before.

But talk is useless. Results count. So let's look at just one measure of results. If you were to just include Don's top 5 internal companies and clients, his work generated over 50 million website visitors, and over $6 million in online sales...Last month alone!

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