Risk Management for Instant Messaging in the Workplace: The Foley Syndrome

Don Montgomery

Don Montgomery is a veteran marketing, sales, and operations executive with more than 20 years experience and over 35 launches of new products, services, and lines of business.

Prior to joining Akonix, Don served as Director of Marketing at Unisys Corp., where he launched Unisys Business Intelligence and established Unisys as an industry leader in large-scale analytics and data warehousing platforms.

Earlier in his career, Don held senior marketing, sales and operations management positions at United Messaging, Inc., Bell Atlantic Network Integration, Bell Atlantic Business Systems Services, Inc., and Digital Equipment Corporation.

As a thought leader in the information technology industry, Don has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, CNN Money, Information Week, and all leading I.T. publications. He has been a frequent speaker at industry and company conferences and symposia, including the Gartner Business Intelligence Conference, the Bell Atlantic Executive Conference, Digital's Global Telecommunications Symposium, and many other events and briefings.

Don holds a B.S. degree in Management Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, with graduate and undergraduate studies at the Lesley College School of Management and the College of the Holy Cross.

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