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Rachel Levy (WebinarListings) Simone Verhulst (ReadyTalk)

Rachel Levy

Rachel Levy is Founder/CEO of WebinarListings, a directory of webinars, and a Marketing and Social Media Consultant at Rachel Levy Consulting. Her background is deeply rooted in Marketing, at companies such as Kraft Foods, Jim Beam Brands and Abbott Laboratories.

Rachel has immersed herself in the webinar world since starting WebinarListings and her social media consulting business. She can be found on Twitter at @webinarlistings or @bostonmarketer, or on her websites at WebinarListings or Rachel Levy Consulting.

Simone Verhulst

Simone has been involved with both the sales and marketing teams at ReadyTalk and currently manages the monthly ReadyTalk Webinar Series in addition to helping with  demand generation campaigns, social media engagement and PPC programs. You can find her tweeting and posting RTWebSem and www.facebook.com/readytalk

Simone is an outdoor enthusiast – skiing, climbing, triathlons, and trail runs with her dog, Bucket, are just a few of the things she enjoys in her spare time outside of the office.

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