Drive Strategic, Integrated Growth with Webinars

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December 06, 2011 at 07:00 pm EST

Many businesses make the mistake of failing to assess business strategy and integration needs with sales, marketing automation, and IT when developing a Webinar strategy. This Webinar starts with the big idea to ensure a strategic and truly integrated approach for driving growth and engagement with Webinars.

Moira Vetter, CEO of Modo Modo Agency and Carol Godfrey, VP of Energy of Southwire Company, will discuss 5 fundamentals for ensuring your Webinars drive the results your organization needs. Here is a sneak peak:

  1. Drawing from Key Business Strategies to Shape Webinars
  2. Building Webinars into an Integrated Marketing Program
  3. Content Best Practices
  4. Connecting Webinar Engagement to Drive Sales Success
  5. Working with IT to Integrate Webinar Data with SFA, CRM & More

Learn how to strategically integrate Webinars to fuel business growth.