LinkedIn- Enabling Nonprofits to Engage & What They Need to Succeed!

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May 17, 2012 at 06:00 pm EDT

Approximately 75% of nonprofits do not have any formal budget for recruiting employees, according to the 2011 Nonprofit Employment Trends Survey.

Nonprofits need recruiting tools that are easy to implement, cost efficient and, most importantly, connect them with the best people. Social recruiting — using social media to recruit staff — does just that. And LinkedIn does social recruiting best.

Now with more than 150 million individual members and over 6,000 employer customers, LinkedIn has given nonprofit organizations a new way to recruit. Whether you’re looking for an executive director, a grant writer, network administrator, program director, communications manager or receptionist, you can find people with the required skills and a passion for your cause by using LinkedIn.

Join us to learn about Linkedin programs designed just for you – the nonprofit professional. During this presentation we will share with you, and your peers, strategies needed to identify the talent and professional knowledge you need to maintain a personal and professional edge.


  • How nonprofits can leverage LinkedIn for recruiting.
  • Learn about new LinkedIn programs specifically for nonprofit organizations.
  • LinkedIn best practices.