Maximizing Marketing ROI with Integrated Webinars

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November 08, 2011 at 05:00 pm EST

Most organizations use webinars as part of their overall marketing mix to generate demand, educate prospects & customers and provide thought leadership.  But are you getting the best ROI on your webinars?

During this one hour session,  we'll show how to create integrated marketing campaigns to generate interest and turn prospects into qualified leads. Learn how to extend and repurpose content throughout your chosen channels for maximum ROI.

Join Lisa Chen, Sr. Marketing Operations Manager at Rally Software, to learn:

  • How a multi-touch campaign with relevant offers can drive engagement with prospects
  • How to increase your campaign ROI and lead generation by integrating message and offers in multiple channels
  • How to Build nurturing email programs pre and post webinar that drive registration, attendance and follow-on engagement