Where Do Webinars Fit in a Content Marketing Strategy?

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Simone Nabers
September 20, 2013 at 01:45 pm EDT
As a business owner and marketer for your company, it's your job to provide content that speaks to your customers' pain points, teaches them something new, builds trust, and eventually leads them down the path to our solution. As you map out the content marketing strategy for your business, where do webinars fit into the mix? Join Simone Nabers, Marketing Demand Generation Manager at ReadyTalk for this webinar to learn:
  • Why content marketing is important to modern marketers
  • What types of content work best at each stage of the funnel
  • How to tailor your webinar content to persona and stage in the buying process
  • Tips on designing your webinar content with reuse in mind
  • Creative ideas for repurposing & reimagining your webinar for ongoing content marketing
  • How to drive ROI from your webinar recording long after the follow-up email

Webinars are an effective content marketing tool to reach new audiences and drive leads into the funnel – are yours missing out on their full potential?

Suggested Audience:
Business owners and marketing professionals