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Start Time:
Tuesday, May 25, 2010 6:00 PM EDT
Category: Marketing
Dr. Jaclyn Kostner

If you could wave a magic wand and suddenly have more leads, more opportunity, and more paying business with clients all over town and all over the world, would you be interested?  Of course!  For these kinds of results, though, you don’t need a magic wand.  Instead, learn how to leverage interactive webinars to gain a substantial competitive advantage.

Conducting business face-to-face has always been the gold standard.  But in today’s marketplace, it’s critical also to know how to use interactive webinars to differentiate your business, provide significantly higher value, and get more done effectively without travel.  These are the new pillars to success for every business—from a one-person entrepreneur to a large mega giant corporation.

Join webinar interaction guru, Dr. Jaclyn Kostner, to learn five key ways to leverage webinars to grow your business beyond your dreams! Here are a few of the takeaways…

  • The #1 reason why interactive webinars are critical for your business growth and success
  • Five critical ways to use webinars to make your business successful faster
  • What single pitfall to avoid that will hold back your success
Speaker Bio

Best-selling business author, Jaclyn Kostner, Ph.D., is an internationally recognized thought leader on the human side of communicating when people are NOT face-to-face. Her company, Bridge the Distance, delivers online courseware to help people make their webinars engaging, interactive, and fun. The methods and models that she has created for online training, online presentations, and online meetings are relied on by Fortune 100 companies and others all over the world. 

Besides authoring numerous successful books (Virtual Leadership; Knights of the Tele-Round Table; Bionic eTeamwork), Dr. Kostner has also acted as virtual communication expert in articles in The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Time, Newsweek.com, FastCompany, Kiplinger, CIO Magazine, and USA Today, among many others.  She has appeared on CNN and CNBC, and numerous business talk-radio programs worldwide.  She has been spokesperson for studies published by Verizon Business, Microsoft, Frost & Sullivan, MCI, and Polycom.

Start Time:
Thursday, May 13, 2010 6:00 PM EDT
Category: Other
Melanie Turek (Principal Analyst - Frost & Sullivan) & Helena Brito (Marketing Coordinator - MANDIANT)

Webinars are a cost-effective alternative to in-person meetings, and they allow companies to expand their reach, target more people more often, and deliver a compelling, fully-branded experience. You’ve planned, promoted, and presented…now what? In order to make your webinar a success, you must follow-up with participants, just as you would after a face-to-face event. This is what allows you to take full advantage of the meeting itself, as well as leverage web conferencing technology to deliver benefits an in-person event can’t match.

Principal analyst Melanie Turek from Frost & Sullivan and Helena Brito of MANDIANT will take you through some essential best practices to include in your post-event “to do” list. Here are a few items you can expect to take away:

  • How to best leverage post-event content through recordings, podcasts and more
  • Registrant and attendee follow-up action items
  • Ways to track ROI on your webinar
  • What kind of post-event tools to look for in a conferencing provider
  • The role of social media after your event has taken place 

There’ll also be time to get your post-event questions answered during a live Q&A session with our expert panel. This event is a must if you are responsible for running your organization’s webinar program and if you’d like to increase the ROI for lead-generation programs associated with these events.  Attendees will receive a whitepaper download from Frost & Sullivan entitled “Best Practices for Making your Webinar a Success: Post-Event Evaluation."

You can also view recordings of the two previous events in the “Plan. Meet. Share.” Series below:

Speaker Bio

Melanie Turek

Melanie is a renowned expert in unified communications, collaboration, social networking and content-management technologies in the enterprise. For 15 years, Ms. Turek has worked closely with hundreds of vendors and senior IT executives across a range of industries to track and capture the changes and growth in the fast-moving unified communications market. Melanie writes often on the business value and cultural challenges surrounding real-time communications, collaboration and Voice over IP, and she speaks frequently at leading customer and industry events.

Helena Brito

Helena Brito has over five years experience in marketing and communications. Her particular areas of expertise include webinar management, social media, event planning and external communications. Ms. Brito has significant experience marketing to the Federal and State & Local government, defense industrial base, chemical, manufacturing, and healthcare industries, as well as Fortune 500 companies.

Start Time:
Tuesday, May 11, 2010 6:00 PM EDT
Category: Marketing
Deb Daufeldt

Cashing in on Email Marketing is the second segment in The “Cashing In” Series For Small Business brought to you by Second Story Solutions – “Where Smart Growth Wins Big”. The cost of retaining a customer is a fraction of the cost of acquiring one, so why don't businesses focus as much of their marketing budget & efforts on retention activities as on acquisition?  Email has proven to be the most effective customer retention tool, ever-- if done right. 

There is no better medium than permission-based email that is personalized, relevant, and timely.  In this webinar we will share proven email trends, tips, and techniques to help get you on your way to engaging your customers, deepening your relationship with them, and keeping away the threats of competition.  Listen to Deb Daufeldt discuss some of the leading practices for successful email marketing including:

  • Ethical strategies to build your list at every opportunity
  • How to deliver value to the Inbox that retains long-term readers
  • Making your email program more effective by integrating it with an overall marketing strategy
Speaker Bio

Anti-SPAM zealot, Deb Daufeldt is President and Founder of Second Story Solutions, an interactive marketing agency specializing in permission-based email marketing.  She and her talented team provide on- and off-line marketing strategies and solutions focused on acquiring, retaining, communicating with, and engaging customers through her results-oriented e-marketing approach. 

Working with companies ranging from ground floor startups to the Fortune 500, Deb's proven techniques focus her clients' efforts on building relationships and not just communicating information to their customers and prospects.

Start Time:
Tuesday, May 04, 2010 6:00 PM EDT
Category: Marketing
Carol Chapman and Suzanne Tulien

Every business, whether small, medium or large; start-up or well-established; B2B or B2C has a unique brand.  Do you know what your brand stands for? Have you dug deep, to discover what makes you unique? Now is the time to make sure you and your employees are crystal clear on who you are as a brand, what you stand for, and what you promise to deliver to your customers.  Now is the time to define, build and evolve your brand from the inside out to ensure its sustainability in any economic environment.

We invite you to join us for this engaging, thought-provoking and interactive webinar to explore 8 key questions. Answer and action each of these questions to cash in and catapult your brand for competitive advantage!

  1. What perception does your brand want to “own” in the minds of your market (employees and customers)?
  2. What is the distinctive style of your brand?
  3. What are the core values of your brand that guide your behaviors and business practices?
  4. What are your unique differentiators to leverage brand advantage?
  5. What standards of performance excellence will you adhere to as a brand?
  6. Does your brand have a strong point of view?
  7. How will your brand reinforce who you are and the desired perception you want to create in the minds of your employees and customers?
  8. What is your brand’s promise to your employees and customers?
Speaker Bio

Carol Chapman and Suzanne Tulien are principals and cofounders of the Brand Ascension Group based out of Colorado Springs, CO. They are committed to organizations that want to achieve transformational and sustainable brand success through strategic, internal brand definition and implementation. As co-developers of pioneering brand elevation methodologies—Brand DNA (Dimensional Nucleic Assets®) and The Brand DNA System™—they have helped numerous small to medium-sized businesses create consistent, relevant, and distinctive experiences that engage, inspire, and win their employees and customers for life.

Start Time:
Wednesday, April 28, 2010 6:00 PM EDT
Category: Marketing
Jon Fougner (Facebook) and Dennis Yu (BlitzLocal)

Not advertising on Facebook? You’re missing out on potential traffic from the second largest website with more than 350 million unique users. Facebook’s self-serve image and text-based ads let you advertise your own web page or even your own Facebook page or event. They also offer a way to catch people in “pre-search” mode, when they’re almost ready to seek a solution. Other cool features? Social actions, targeting, real time reporting and more.

Jon Fougner, head of Facebook Ads Product Marketing for local busiensses, and Dennis Yu, CEO of BlitzLocal , will present tips and tricks for successfully promoting your non-profit or for-profit organization through these Facebook marketing tools. This event will be full of practical information for those involved in capturing ROI measurements for their organization’s social media efforts.

Speaker Bio

Jon Fougner

Jon Fougner leads local Ads Product Marketing at Facebook. His responsibilities at Facebook have ranged from co-launching the Facebook Pages product in 2007, to partnering with independent developers to build branded promotions templates, to keynoting industry conferences.

Prior to Facebook, Jon worked on M&A and financing in the Investment Banking Division, Financial Institutions Group at Goldman Sachs. Previously, he was a Fulbright Scholar in Norway. He took his B.A. in Economics from Yale.

Dennis Yu

Dennis Yu is CEO of BlitzLocal.com, a 50 person agency based in Westminster, Colorado, specializing in local lead gen via integrating Facebook advertising with social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, directory listings, web analytics, and call tracking. Clients include Quiznos, Equifax, Maggianos, Famous Daves, and other national retail and franchised outlets.

Dennis is a 14 year veteran of online marketing via Yahoo! and American Airlines. He has spoken at SMX West, SMX Singapore, SMX Sydney, Affiliate Convention, the American Marketing Association, and other venues. He and his teammates also provide pro bono Google Adwords management to select non-profits, including March of Dimes, Grameen Foundation, International Rescue Committee, and others.

Start Time:
Wednesday, April 14, 2010 6:00 PM EDT
Category: Marketing
Ken Molay (Webinar Success) and Andy Goodman (The Goodman Center)

You’ve put together an amazing line-up of speakers. You’ve hit it out of the park with promotion and your registration list is growing by the day. The groundwork is in place and you’ve crafted a compelling message for your target audience – so once they’ve logged on, how do you keep them from nodding off?

For the second event in our three-part “Invite, Meet, Share” Series, we’re bringing you two of the best speakers in the business to answer these questions:

  • How do I keep my webinar audience engaged during the meeting
  • What kind of technology or tools are available for me to capture, and hold my  audience’s attention
  • What are the recommended best practices for keeping attendees logged into my event
  • …and more

Ken Molay of Webinar Success and Andy Goodman of The Goodman Center have years of experience with these issues  and will give you insight on what it takes to keep your audience tuned-in to your message and on the call. They’ll also take time to answer your specific questions during a live Q&A panel discussion.

Don’t miss this event if you are responsible for running your organization’s webinar program and if you’d like to increase the ROI for lead-generation programs associated with these events.  Attendees will receive a whitepaper download from Frost & Sullivan entitled “Best Practices for Making Your Webinar a Success: Engage the Audience During the Event."

View a recording of the first event in this series here.

Speaker Bio

Ken Molay

Webinar Success is a consulting firm that assists companies in producing and delivering effective and compelling web seminars. Ken combines a technical background with experience in corporate marketing and public presentations. He is a prolific blogger on the subject of web conferencing and its applications, and is a frequent public speaker on the topic of more effective webinars.

Andy Goodman

Andy Goodman is a nationally recognized author, speaker and consultant in the field of public interest communications. Along with Storytelling as Best Practice, he is author of Why Bad Ads Happen to Good Causes and Why Bad Presentations Happen to Good Causes. He also publishes a monthly journal, free-range thinking, to share best practices in the field.

In 2008, he co-founded The Goodman Center to offer online versions of his workshops. To learn more about his work, please visit:

www.agoodmanonline.com and thegoodmancenter.com

Start Time:
Tuesday, April 06, 2010 6:00 PM EDT
Category: IT
Anthony Franco

We're doing this event slightly different than others. You'll be able to view a video of the presentation material here at your convenience. The scheduled date of April 6th @ 2:00ET will be a live Q&A session with EffectiveUI president, Anthony Franco, covering any questions, comments or discussion points you'd like to bring to the table.Check out the event description below:

Whether you want to sell more software, improve employee efficiency or increase ad revenue, great user experiences (UX) better play large in your business strategy. In this session, you will learn why and how engaging software drives value to strategic business goals by increasing site stickiness, differentiating from competitors and making users hungry for your product or services.

Armed with insider stats and research from industry analysts across verticals, Anthony Franco, president of EffectiveUI, defines the criteria behind usable, delightful software and demonstrates real-world examples of socially enabled experiences that are good for business. You will leave this session with proof of how UX impacts your bottom line, as well as a roadmap to help you cost-effectively put the theory into practice using the latest tools and technologies.

Speaker Bio

As a President of EffectiveUI, Anthony has the unique opportunity to listen to how companies like eBay, Adobe, Viacom, Microsoft, GE, Dow Jones, Qwest and Nielsen think about the internet and desktop software, and how innovative thinking can completely change the way they do business.

Anthony has had the opportunity to brainstorm new software for these companies (and others). EffectiveUI finds themselves primarily developing using Adobe, Microsoft, Sun, and Apple platforms. In fact, EffectiveUI is the only agency in the world that has been able to establish themselves as a premium services partner for all four.

Start Time:
Wednesday, March 31, 2010 6:00 PM EDT
Category: Other
Jennifer Schmidt & Karen Wilcox

Organizations which operate successfully must incorporate emergency preparedness and planning activities into their daily business activity. Businesses of all sizes must be prepared to respond to emergencies and disasters of all sizes. Often times unexpected disasters cause businesses to relocate or even cease operation temporarily or permanently. This could certainly lead to substantial economic and personal hardship. Thorough planning for the safety and survival of your employees,customers, and infrastructure is essential to maximize the chances for recovery.

We've gathered some first-hand experts to not only give real life examples & lessons learned, but also make sure you know the steps to have in place should your own organization, large or small, face an emergency.

Join Mercy Corps and the National Emergency Response and Rescue Training Center (NERRTC) for this free informative AND philanthropic web event. ReadyTalk will be matching donations of those that choose to give, up to $5,000 in relief funds for Mercy Corps' ongoing efforts in the Haiti earthquake disaster. Please visit our Facebook fan page for more details and to have your donation matched at www.facebook.com/readytalk

Speaker Bio

Jennifer Schmidt

Jennifer is a senior development officer with the international aid organization Mercy Corps, based in Portland, OR, and has been involved in their internal and external communication efforts around the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Jennifer has worked in nonprofit outreach and communications for more than 12 years, with organizations in Washington, DC, New York, NY, and Portland, OR. She is a graduate of Texas A&M University.

Karen Wilcox

Karen Wilcox is currently a Training Manager with the National Emergency Response and Rescue Training Center (NERRTC), a division of Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX), which is one of the agencies within the Texas A & M System.  Karen has worked for NERRTC since 2004.  NERRTC provides local, state, and federal jurisdictions with high-quality, hands-on, scenario-driven leadership training, exercises, technical assistance, and strategy development.  Since 1998, NERRTC has provided training for more than 278,262 responders in all 50 states, U.S territories, the District of Columbia, and U.S. military installations worldwide.

Start Time:
Tuesday, March 23, 2010 6:30 PM EDT
Category: Other
Alli Libb (AMA), Paul Barron (NetWorld Alliance), Jessica Walker (Gallup), Shawn Cardinal (ReadyTalk)

New to webinars or want to take your existing webinar program to the next level? How you plan for and promote your webinar can make or break your event. Join ReadyTalk and our panel of experts to hear webinar planning and promotion tips that can help you lay the groundwork for success!

During this 1-hour event, Paul Barron (NetWorld Alliance), Jessica Walker (Gallup Organization), and Alli Libb (American Marketing Association) will discuss how to:

  • Establish a project plan and timeline
  • Craft compelling content for your target audience
  • Secure and coordinate speakers
  • Make the most of your kickoff call
  • Promote your webinar in new and traditional ways
  • And more ….

Plus, get your own webinar planning and promotion questions answered during a live Q&A session with our expert panel.

Don’t miss this event if you are responsible for running your organization’s webinar program or if you are considering adding webinars to your marketing and lead-generation toolkit. Register today!

Speaker Bio

Alli Libb

Online Event Program Manager - American Marketing Association

In her role, Alli works closely with high-profile clients on a weekly basis to promote and produce educational webcasts. Using her technical expertise combined with her background in event marketing and public relations, she has run over 100 successful webcasts for the AMA’s audience of marketing professionals.

Paul Barron

Publisher & Producer - NetWorld Alliance

Paul Barron, New Media publisher & producer of NetWorld Alliance an online media company.  As a Content Creator, Event Maven, Social Media Mentor, Blogger, Author, Podcaster, and Speaker Paul has been publishing web based & new media content for 17 years.  Paul started one of his industry leading websites as far back as 1994.  A past executive and consultant to leading companies like Microsoft, Starbucks and Panera Bread, Paul is one of the premier thought leaders in the restaurant and retail industry.

Jessica Walker

Process Manager, Healthcare - Gallup

Jessica is Process Manager of Gallup’s Healthcare Practice. In this role, she coordinates with clients and client support teams to ensure the smooth delivery of customer and employee engagement programs as well as employee development programs. She works with Gallup’s partners, principals, and operations teams to ensure they have the information and resources needed to forge new business relationships and enhance existing partnerships. She is also responsible for managing research and development projects for the Healthcare Practice.

Shawn Cardinal

Training Director - ReadyTalk

Shawn is an expert in conducting and managing web seminars. He has served as a moderator and a master of ceremonies for hundreds of events and has taught thousands of people how to create their own events.

Start Time:
Wednesday, March 17, 2010 6:00 PM EDT
Category: IT
Dennis Yu (BlitzLocal.com), Kristie Mun (Google), Brett Meyer (Nonprofit Technology Network)

Is your non-profit looking to increase donations, volunteers, event-sign-ups, awareness, and more? We thought so! Join us for a session covering Google Grants, a program that offers free online advertising to select 501(c)(3) non-profits.

Session Takeaways:

  • kick-off with an overview of the program
  • eligibility guidelines
  • requirements for participants
  • best practices
  • ...and more

NTEN will join the conversation with one of its grantee sharing first-hand experiences with his organization’s Google Grant. We’ll wrap-up our presentation with a panel discussion with Q&A from the audience.

Speaker Bio

Dennis Yu

Dennis Yu is CEO of BlitzLocal.com, a 50 person agency based in Westminster, Colorado, specializing in local lead gen via integrating Facebook advertising with social media marketing, pay-per-click advertising, directory listings, web analytics, and call tracking. Clients include Quiznos, Equifax, Maggianos, Famous Daves, and other national retail and franchised outlets.

Dennis is a 14 year veteran of online marketing via Yahoo! and American Airlines. He has spoken at SMX West, SMX Singapore, SMX Sydney, Affiliate Convention, the American Marketing Association, and other venues. He and his teammates also provide pro bono Google Adwords management to select non-profits, including March of Dimes, Grameen Foundation, International Rescue Committee, and others.

Kristie Mun

Kristie (Ferketich) Mun attended the University of California, Los Angeles, where she received a BA in Political Science. She is currently a Google Grants Senior Strategist at Google.com, where she has been employed for the past 6 years. Kristie began her tenure at Google supporting for-profit AdWords advertisers as an account manager, and she moved to supporting non-profit organizations in the Google Grants program over 3 years ago. Kristie manages the application review process with Google-employee volunteers; develops partnerships with external organizations to support non-profits; and collaborates on educational initiatives for grantees. Kristie is a regular contributor to the Google Grants Blog and has represented Google Grants at various seminars and conferences.

Brett Meyer

Brett has been Communications and Web Manager for the Nonprofit Technology Network since 2008. While he is a liberal arts major, he has worked in technology his entire adult life, including two start-up companies during the Dot-com haydays and a 2-year stint working with a radio station in the West African nation of Mali. Brett spends much of his free time playing soccer, but also escapes into the wilderness on frequent backpacking trips, where he and his wife Melissa continue to work on their photography portfolios.