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Start Time:
Thursday, January 29, 2009 7:00 PM EST
Category: Marketing
Bob Hanson

Let’s face it, bigger is better when it comes to webinars and web events.

How can you get more registrants and leads from your next event? What are some proven strategies that can increase your attendance by up to 500% at your next event?

Join Bob Hanson, president of Quantum Leap Marketing, Inc, and author of numerous reports on webinars for this interactive discussion to help you obtain a significant increase of registrants and attendees from every event.

In this his presentation, Bob will reveal his time-tested strategies for getting a more results your webinar marketing plan and avoiding the common mistakes most marketers make. Here is what you can expect to take away:

  • The common sense strategy for webinar promotion that almost everyone forgets, and how to use it for more registrants at all of your events
  • The 5 keys to supercharge your email invitation for better response
  • How Bob’s clients have gotten as many as 1,050 attendees at a single webinar without spending a dime on marketing.

All attendees will be eligible to receive Bob’s new checklist, “21 Winning Ways of Promoting Your Webinars for More Leads and Sales.”

Speaker Bio

Bob Hanson is the President of Quantum Leap Marketing, and creator of the Must-See Webinar System.

He consults with firms of all types on how to get more leads and sales using marketing strategies like webinars, web marketing, and email marketing, and he also produces many webinars using his Must-See Webinars system. Last year his clients including Dale Carnegie Business Group, EMC, Symantec and countless small businesses successfully delivered over 1,500 webinars.

He has generated over 2,250 registrants for a single webinar without spending a dime on marketing, 15,000 webinar registrants in a single year for a small company, hundreds of thousands in sales from a single webinar recording. His event marketing strategies have generated over $1.45 billion in qualified sales leads for clients.

He is the author of many reports on webinars including 7 Secrets of Winning Webinars and How to Create an On Demand Webinar Program.

Start Time:
Tuesday, January 27, 2009 7:00 PM EST
Category: Management
Colleen Stanley

Leadership is most important in challenging times, especially when you are already in a tough business. This web seminar will uncover the 5 things you must do to help your sales team hit their 2009 goals and not get bogged down by the current ‘doom and gloom’ attitude facing many sales organizations today. Managers need to invest more in education, coaching and support. This is the precise time when it is most essential to success and morale.

Speaker Bio

Colleen Stanley is President of SalesLeadership, Inc. She is a monthly columnist for the Business Journals across the United States, co-author of Motivational Selling and author of Growing Great Sales Teams: Lessons from the Cornfield. Colleen was the featured speaker on sales for the 2006 New York Times Small Business Summit.

Prior to starting SalesLeadership, Colleen was Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Varsity Spirit Corporation. During her 10 years at Varsity, sales increased from $8M to $90M. Varsity was named by Forbes Magazine as one of the 200 fastest growing companies in the United States in 1994 and 1995.

Clients include: Corporate Express, Vail Resorts, 3M, Siemens Corporation, Land Title Guarantee, Alps Mutual Fund, and Alpine Bank.

Start Time:
Thursday, January 22, 2009 7:00 PM EST
Category: Green
Brian Rouch

What is all the recent talk is around 'energy' - the issues we face because if it, the renewability factors, the steps we are taking to improve our level of responsibility, and so on? I'm sure we all have a few questions that have yet to be addressed, even if it is simply a high-level review. Something would be better than nothing at all - right?

Join Brain to cover exactly what's stated in the title: the WHAT, the HOW, and the WHY. All of these parts are critical to discovering a starting point and arriving at a conclusion that will help us all be better stewards of our resources.

Speaker Bio

Studying philosophy and political science as an undergraduate in Vancouver, British Columbia, early on Brian developed an appreciation for a global perspective on energy policy. Upon completion, he went on to Boston College for graduate study in Political Science with a research emphasis in energy policy. His research in energy policy inspired him to pursue a career in green energy & carbon-mitigating design measures.

Currently, Brian acts as the Managing Member of Inerg, LLC, an energy services company engaged in the development of renewable energy sources. He is responsible for campaigns, site acquisition, strategic partner relations, & utility relations.

In his free time, Brian enjoys community service and being outside. He is a member of the Visalia Breakfast Rotary Club, City of Visalia Smart Growth Task Force, Chairs the City of Visalia Environmental Committee, and a board member of the College of the Sequoias Arts and Lectures Committee. In 2006, Brian founded YouthSki, a youth development program that makes skiing free for disadvantaged and at-risk youth. When not engaged with a service project, Brian enjoys rock climbing, snow skiing, and white water kayaking.

Start Time:
Tuesday, January 20, 2009 7:00 PM EST
Category: Sales
Scott Hickey

In this 50-minute, information-packed web seminar, Scott Hickey will explore the many ways you can use the Internet to find qualified leads for your company's products and services. He'll review the most popular techniques, such as email broadcasting, affiliate programs, and a great web site, then move on to the cutting edge of blogs and social networks as lead generators. You'll see how many ways there are to build relationships with thousands of prospects you could never have found before, then turn lots of them into loyal customers.

Speaker Bio

Scott Hickey has been a business consultant for over 20 years helping businesses of all sizes realize growth through the right mix of innovative online solutions. Scott is CEO and Co-Founder of Full Partner, which offers the world's most comprehensive, fully-integrated online solution for internet sales and marketing.

Start Time:
Tuesday, January 13, 2009 7:00 PM EST
Patty Kreamer

Imagine being able to find things when you need them—not 3 weeks later. If you’ve been miserable because clutter and chaos are ruling your life, ...But I Might Need It Someday is for you. Patty’s program offers simple, practical solutions on how to organize your life and WIN the clutter battle once and for all! Increase your morale and bottom line and decrease the stress and frustration of disorganization. Uncover the complete process on how to get organized.

  • Learn how to make quick, logical decisions.
  • Find Out how to easily maintain the daily flow of paper.
  • Discover a system that will keep your desk free of papers!
  • Implement the E.A.S.Y. system.

You have nothing to lose but the clutter!

Speaker Bio

Patty Kreamer, CPO® (Certified Professional Organizer) is the President of Kreamer Connect, Inc., a Pittsburgh-based company that works with residential and corporate clients to become more productive and perform better while at the same time simplifying their work and lives.

Patty is an author, consultant, speaker and professional organizer who is seen regularly in the media. She shares her fun and energetic style with the audiences of publications like The Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Pittsburgh Business Times, and through television shows like LifeQuest, KDKA's Morning Show, and One on One with Lee Adams.

Patty is the Founding Past President of the National Association of Professional Organizers - Pittsburgh chapter and Past President of and The National Speakers Association - Pittsburgh chapter. Patty was named 2007 Woman of the Year Women's Business Network's as well as one of Pennsylvania's Best 50 Women in Business and one of Pittsburgh's Fastrackers in 2005.

Start Time:
Thursday, January 08, 2009 7:00 PM EST
Hal Adler and Lisa Buckley

Join ?What If!, the world's largest independent innovation consultancy, as they share six creative behaviors that will help you unleash creativity and unlock innovation.

Why behaviors? Adopting and following a specific process won't guarantee innovation. It's getting people to behave in the right way throughout the process that creates the magic.

These behaviors are based on what some of the world's most creative people and companies do on a daily basis. Whatever your job, whatever you do, these behaviors can be adapted and applied to how you work.

The six behaviors will be brought to life with:

  • Stories from ?What If!'s experience on over 2500 projects around the world for companies such as Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, American Express, Kimberly-Clarke, HSBC, Red Bull, etc.
  • Examples from companies that embody these behaviors and have been recognized by the Great Place to Work Institute

These are the same behaviors that ?What If! learning specialists have trained to more than 10,000 people globally: Greenhousing, Freshness, Signaling, Realness, Momentum, and Bravery.

Join us to discover your maximum innovative potential!

Speaker Bio

Hal Adler

Before joining ?What If! New York, Hal was President of Great Place to Work® Institute, the global management research and consulting firm that creates the gold standard for recognizing great workplaces; the "FORTUNE 100 Best Companies to Work For". Prior to assuming the position of President at the Great Place to Work® Institute in 2006, Hal held various leadership roles on the Institute's consulting team, heading up employee focused workplace transformation projects for large and small companies across a wide range of industries. He was also the founder of Training Arts Institute, as well as the VP of Talent Solutions for the Center for Talent Retention.

Hal brings a wide, diverse perspective to his life and client work. Professional opera singer, orchestral and choral conductor, chef and San Francisco restaurant owner are just a few titles that Hal has held during his pre-consulting days. All the while, his favorite title has been dad (or dude, depending on who he's hanging with). Hal lives right outside of San Francisco with his wife and 2 young children.

Lisa Buckley

This hurricane of talent has a background in marketing & advertising with projects spanning a number of areas: from helping a global CPG company reinvent the baby food aisle at supermarkets to sniffing out commercial potential for NASA technologies. She has a bachelor of science degree in Psychology as well as her MBA.

Before joining ?What If!, Lisa was an Account Supervisor at Saatchi & Saatchi overseeing accounts for American Express and Hanes. She's also spent some time working with Wal-Mart customer teams from P&G, Novartis, Smuckers, Crayola, and others.

Today, Lisa is overjoyed to have fused her fascination with human behavior, her artistic inclination and her branding experience into one, exhilarating package at ?What If!. She is a senior member of the Capabilities team, where her ingenuity is best put to use helping clients become even more brilliant than they ever thought possible.

Start Time:
Thursday, December 18, 2008 7:00 PM EST
Category: Green
Josh Whitney

Ever wonder what your competition is doing to reduce their mark on the environment? Or how they increase their visibility as a sustainable player in the market? Who is leading the efforts in these organizations and what is their game plan in today's variable economy? How much could you reduce in terms of cost and your carbon footprint by using resources such as web conferencing versus business travel? Josh Whitney, Principal and Founder of Onsight Strategy Consulting, will address these kinds of questions with some specific case studies from a couple of big players including Microsoft and Cisco Systems. Gain insight on how to start your eco-friendly business practices and where to go for helpful resources.

Speaker Bio

Josh Whitney is the Principle & Founder of Onsight Strategy, a consulting firm that focuses on sustainable corporate practices.

Josh has been actively working within the sustainability sector for the last 8 years with a combined focus on entrepreneurship, real estate and sustainability. Before his move to Colorado, he played a key role in strategic direction and client services as a Project Director with WSP Environment and Energy based in San Francisco. He has worked with and consulted for many of the Fortune 500 leaders, including Merrill Lynch, Genentech, Cisco Systems, Microsoft & Seagate Technology, as well as a number of successful tech start ups including nVidia & Aravo.

He has advised on and developed corporate sustainability, social and governance reports and related marketing and communications material. Additionally, he has project managed numerous sustainable master planning, real estate & asset management and low carbon design projects. A graduate with honors from Skidmore College, Josh has a B.A. in Environmental Studies and International Politics and is currently pursuing his MBA at CU-Boulder.

Start Time:
Thursday, December 11, 2008 7:00 PM EST
Category: Management
Catherine Osler and Susan Burgess

Women possess tremendous capacity in the way we interact with our peers, managers and employees. We also have a desire to be even more effective by learning and adapting new ways of interacting while maintaining our own individual style.

In this web seminar, you will gain awareness of qualities that women contribute to professional environments. You will discover how these qualities are different and recognize how current organizational environments can support the development of these qualities. Finally, you will learn three strategies to gain insight into how to break through these challenges and become more professionally satisfied, while developing your core capabilities in ways that are valuable to companies today.

Speaker Bio

Catherine Osler

Catherine Osler is a highly successful entrepreneur. As a leader in the corporate communications field for over 20 years, she was the founder, President and CEO responsible for the growth and success of two leading edge communications firms—Titian Communications Inc. (international award-winning communications company) and Parallel Strategies Inc. (one of Western Canada's largest regional marketing and corporate communications firms with 100 employees in British Columbia and Alberta and gross annual revenues of $25 million).
Today, Catherine is an executive coach, facilitator and management consultant with a practice focused on leadership development of both individuals and their management teams.. She is a partner in Syncresse Partners Inc., a practice devoted to the development of professional women.

A recipient of numerous awards, Ms. Osler holds an honours degree from Queen's University and a MA from Simon Fraser University.

Susan Burgess

Susan Burgess has 27 years experience in consulting, training, curriculum development, business development, coaching, and teaching. She began her career as an educator and went on to work for ten years in marketing and advertising in the Pacific Northwest. Susan returned to graduate school for a master's degree in psychology specializing in clinical psychology and organizational behavior. She had a private therapy practice and is a licensed psychotherapist. She works with executive teams to better communicate and implement strategy. Her clients included Hewlett Packard, the Boeing Airplane Company, Capital One, and the State of New York's Department of Labor Management.

Several years ago she developed a workshop for women leaders, The Women's Edge. She has since co-founded Syncresse Partners, Inc. This company is dedicated to the professional development of women focusing on leadership, communication, collaboration and innovation, organizational life, and life integration.

Start Time:
Tuesday, December 09, 2008 7:00 PM EST
Gary Copeland

Today's workplace demands high performance of its employees, but that no longer means putting work ahead of everything else. Organizations formerly disregarded the need to balance life outside of work and accepted the fact that productivity suffered as a result. Today's more dynamic, team-oriented organizations require flexible, creative, sustainable performance, the kind that comes with people who know how to balance the urgent demands of work life and personal life without sacrificing either.

Therefore, goal of this program is to help participants identify major stressors, develop effective coping resources, and create strategies for positive change and life balance. This seminar will help improve professional and personal performance and increase life satisfaction.

Participants will learn to:

  • Discover individual stress issues
  • Capitalize on coping strengths to manage stress
  • Minimize or eliminate common daily stressors
  • Identify areas for coping skills improvement
  • Communicate more effectively to improve problem solving
  • Build mutually supportive relationships
Speaker Bio

Gary has successfully led both corporations and individuals through organizational changes for over 30 years. He is a full time professional speaker and consultant. He has enhanced his education with the Management of Managers program at the University of Michigan and the McGrane Self-Esteem Institute in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was a part time professor in the communications, ethics, management, and humanities programs for twelve years at the University of Phoenix, Colorado Campus.

His clients include AT&T, Lucent Technologies, Qwest Communications, Sanford Corporation, Frontier Airlines, The State of Colorado, The National Parks and Recreation, The US Federal Reserve, and many others. He has spoken on organizational change since 1993 and is currently speaking on The Change Cycle™.

Start Time:
Wednesday, November 19, 2008 7:00 PM EST
Category: Management
Diane Stoneman

These savvy business leaders understand that to compete with the industry giants they must maintain an engaged and committed workforce commitment and loyalty. In this webinar you will learn about the exemplary practices that distinguish the winners of the 2008 Top Small Workplaces, a project in collaboration with The Wall Street Journal.

All participants receive a copy of the slides and an Executive Summary of our 2007 Top Small Workplaces Data Report.

Speaker Bio

Diane leads Winning Workplaces' consulting and training practice and has extensive experience in the fields of workforce and organizational development. She is an experienced facilitator, marketer and consultant in human resource strategies to increase workplace effectiveness. During her career, she has worked as a workforce learning consultant at the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL), a program director at the Chicago Manufacturing Institute, and a director of a major urban community development organization. Diane has a bachelor's degree from Grand Valley State University and holds a master's degree in social service administration from the University of Chicago.