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Start Time:
Wednesday, October 22, 2008 6:00 PM EDT
Category: Green
John Shegerian

John S. Shegerian, Chairman and CEO of the nation's leading recycler of electronic waste, Electronic Recyclers International, will host a webinar on the environmental, employee morale and fiscal benefits to going green. John will share with participants how he has turned his organization into a genuinely sustainable business—from the electric fork lifts and recycled furniture in house, to the hybrid vehicles his sales team drives and general energy efficient practices his organizations applies. He will also discuss the topic he is the nation's leading expert on: electronic waste. What, after all, are companies and general citizens to do with the glut of unwanted cell phones, laptops, monitors and televisions that are now out of date? He will explain why it is urgently important to keep these devices out of landfills.

Webinar participants will come away knowing how to act more responsibly in general and will become better educated regarding the toxic after-effects of disposing of electronic waste into land-fills.

Emphasizing his motto that "Green is Good," Shegerian will show attendees just how simple and beneficial it can be to explore one's own "green DNA" and how environmentally friendly practices can be a benefit to the bottom line as well as to the planet.

Speaker Bio

John is the Chairman and CEO of Electronic Recyclers International® (ERI). Established in 2002, ERI is an Electronic Waste collector and recycler, specializing in the environmentally safe and socially responsible dismantling of electronic items such as computers, televisions and monitors. ERI is recognized as the Number One Electronic Waste Recycler in the state of California and one of the largest in North America.

Shegerian serves alongside Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger as a member of the California Commission for Jobs and Economic Growth and was recently appointed by Governor Schwarzenegger to serve on the Governor's Gang Advisory Committee, focused on providing the State's top legislators with guidance pertaining to policies geared toward the reduction of gang and youth violence.

Start Time:
Wednesday, October 08, 2008 6:00 PM EDT
Category: Marketing
Jessica Kahn and Mike McKinnon

This seminar will provide an overview of the valuable ReadyTalk features you will use to find and qualify leads, raise awareness of your products and services, nurture prospects, and ultimately, win new customers or advocates. We will review:

  • How to use ReadyTalk for prospecting, qualifying and nurturing
  • Some of our own best practices as well as some examples from other organizations
  • Instances when you might consider complementary software packages for list management, customer relationship management and lead scoring and management.

Whether you are aiming for sales, increased membership or educational outreach, if you want to use ReadyTalk and other online tools to grow and manage your customer base, this is an event you'll want to join.

Speaker Bio

Jessica Kahn and Mike McKinnon manage campaigns, customer nurturing programs, lead qualification initiatives, marketing communication and public relations activities for ReadyTalk. Mike also serves as Social Media Director in charge of SEO, online advertising and the corporate blog. Jessica produces ReadyTalk's web seminar series and focuses on finding new sources of revenue via partnerships and join marketing programs.

Jessica and Mike will share their marketing insights and experience to help you sell more, find new customers and create action in your organization. As expert users, they will show you how to take full advantage of ReadyTalk's advanced features for maximum impact to your business.

Start Time:
Tuesday, October 07, 2008 6:00 PM EDT
Patty Kreamer

You have 24 hours in your day, just like everyone else, but does it feel like you only have 19? So how do you get the most out of your 24 hours without feeling like you are spinning your wheels? If you have ever set goals and identified your vision, you know these are essential steps. Patty will help you take a closer look at your life so you can successfully manage your time.

  • Learn how to manage time effectively by planning according to your goals.
  • Recognize and eliminate your biggest time-wasters.
  • Define your priorities and live by them daily.
  • Establish a daily planner that works for you.
  • Learn about task and to-do lists.

You have to take control of your time, or someone else will!

Speaker Bio

Patty Kreamer, CPO® (Certified Professional Organizer) is the President of Kreamer Connect, Inc., a Pittsburgh-based company that works with residential and corporate clients to become more productive and perform better while at the same time simplifying their work and lives.

Patty is an author, consultant, speaker and professional organizer who is seen regularly in the media. She shares her fun and energetic style with the audiences of publications like The Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Pittsburgh Business Times, and through television shows like LifeQuest, KDKA's Morning Show, and One on One with Lee Adams.

Patty is the Founding Past President of the National Association of Professional Organizers - Pittsburgh chapter and Past President of and The National Speakers Association - Pittsburgh chapter. Patty was named 2007 Woman of the Year Women's Business Network's as well as one of Pennsylvania's Best 50 Women in Business and one of Pittsburgh's Fastrackers in 2005.

Start Time:
Tuesday, September 30, 2008 6:00 PM EDT
Category: Management
Evan Abbot

Besides managing your own work, one of the biggest challenges a manager faces is creating a motivating and engaging workplace for employees. But how is that done? Can a manager really "motivate"? What does it mean to create "engagement"? In this web seminar, we will explore the human side of the workplace and try to understand why people come to work—and the vital role the manager plays in that equation. Topics will include:

  • Differentiating motivation and engagement
  • Exploring current research on engagement and motivation in the global workplace
  • Signs of engagement and disengagement
  • Identifying the role of the manager in creating an engaging environment
Speaker Bio

Evan Abbott is a Management Consultant with Mountain States Employers Council, a non-profit employers association based out of Denver, Colorado. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Arizona State University and a Masters degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Colorado at Denver. In addition, he also holds a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) Certification. Evan leads professional workshops in a variety of topics including: Conflict Management, Generations in the Workplace, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, Change/Transition management, Leadership & Supervisory skills, as well as developing presentation and training skills.

In addition to his work with Mountain States Employers Council, Evan is also an Affiliate Faculty member of Regis University. Evan teaches courses in Research Methods and Statistics, Psychology, Social Psychology and Organizational Behavior.

Start Time:
Thursday, September 25, 2008 6:00 PM EDT
Category: Management
Catherine Osler and Susan Burgess

Women possess tremendous capacity in the way we interact with our peers, managers and employees. We also have a desire to be even more effective by learning and adapting new ways of interacting while maintaining our own individual style.

In this web seminar, you will gain awareness of qualities that women contribute to professional environments. You will discover how these qualities are different and recognize how current organizational environments can support the development of these qualities. Finally, you will learn three strategies to gain insight into how to break through these challenges and become more professionally satisfied, while developing your core capabilities in ways that are valuable to companies today.

Speaker Bio

Catherine Osler

Catherine Osler is a highly successful entrepreneur. As a leader in the corporate communications field for over 20 years, she was the founder, President and CEO responsible for the growth and success of two leading edge communications firms—Titian Communications Inc. (international award-winning communications company) and Parallel Strategies Inc. (one of Western Canada's largest regional marketing and corporate communications firms with 100 employees in British Columbia and Alberta and gross annual revenues of $25 million).
Today, Catherine is an executive coach, facilitator and management consultant with a practice focused on leadership development of both individuals and their management teams.. She is a partner in Syncresse Partners Inc., a practice devoted to the development of professional women.

A recipient of numerous awards, Ms. Osler holds an honours degree from Queen's University and a MA from Simon Fraser University.

Susan Burgess

Susan Burgess has 27 years experience in consulting, training, curriculum development, business development, coaching, and teaching. She began her career as an educator and went on to work for ten years in marketing and advertising in the Pacific Northwest. Susan returned to graduate school for a master's degree in psychology specializing in clinical psychology and organizational behavior. She had a private therapy practice and is a licensed psychotherapist. She works with executive teams to better communicate and implement strategy. Her clients included Hewlett Packard, the Boeing Airplane Company, Capital One, and the State of New York's Department of Labor Management.

Several years ago she developed a workshop for women leaders, The Women's Edge. She has since co-founded Syncresse Partners, Inc. This company is dedicated to the professional development of women focusing on leadership, communication, collaboration and innovation, organizational life, and life integration.

Start Time:
Wednesday, September 24, 2008 6:00 PM EDT
Category: Marketing
Dru Jacobs

Dru Jacobs, Director of Lead Generation at Rally Software Development, has proven that a well-executed web seminar strategy is one of the best ways to drive highly qualified leads to your company.

He will join us and share:

  • Tactics for building a thematic series of web seminar events
  • Methods for moving leads through the series and qualifying them
  • Ways of weaving your services or solutions into your events
  • Ideas for how to measure success
Speaker Bio

With over 12 years of B2B marketing experience, Dru Jacobs specializes in architecting and building marketing and sales automation infrastructures and campaign strategies for fast growth, lead generation-driven technology companies. As director of Demand Generation for Rally Software, Dru is responsible for managing a multi-channel lead generation strategy in support of a global inside and field-based sales team including banner advertising, pay-per-click, e-newsletters, webinars, and incubation programs designed to drive the creation and maturation of sales-ready leads. Over the last 3 years at Rally, Dru has helped build a highly responsive database of potential prospects through the delivery of value add content and product evaluation materials. When he does not have his brain buried in Rally's CRM system or consumed with campaign design, Dru loves to ride his bike around the back roads of Boulder, CO.

Start Time:
Tuesday, September 16, 2008 6:00 PM EDT
Category: Sales
Kendra Lee

Looking for that secret top sellers know and use to close bigger, more profitable deals with clients who respect them? It's consultative selling!

Consultative selling turns customers into clients who value your input and make decisions based on your recommendations. But being a consultant is a risk and requires changing the way you think about your clients' needs. It's more than just selling solutions.

In this session you will discover:

  • The secret behind what makes a conversation consultative, and how to hold a consultative executive level discussion
  • The keys to demonstrating thought-leadership even if you don't understand the client's industry
  • Questioning that drives consultative selling and leads to sales
  • The 3 facets of value your client wants you to unlock to justify their decision
  • Making consultative recommendations your clients will want to hear
  • What consultative sounds like, including real life examples

Bring your toughest questions and receive fresh consultative strategies and expert advice. Have your clients listening to you, calling you, and asking for your recommendations with your consultative approach to selling.

Speaker Bio

Kendra Lee founded KLA Group in 1995. She is a top IT seller, sales advisor and business owner who knows how to shorten time to revenue in innovative ways. She is the author of the best selling book Selling Against the Goal: How Corporate Sales Professionals Generate the Leads They Need.

Under Ms. Lee's direction her organization has assisted sellers in increasing referrals more than 328% in just 7 weeks, penetrating SMB markets in just 6 weeks, driving new client acquisition more than 31% year to year, and increasing annual revenue. Specializing in the IT industry, KLA Group works with manufacturers, distributors, and channel resellers launching new product offerings, penetrating new markets, or experiencing mergers and acquisitions to penetrate new markets, break in and achieve forecasted revenue projections in the SMB market.

Articles about or by Ms. Lee have appeared in numerous publications, and she is a frequent speaker on improving sales performance.

Start Time:
Tuesday, August 26, 2008 6:00 PM EDT
Category: Green
Josiah McClellan

An April poll by Conscientious Innovation revealed that a majority of consumers cannot identify a list of major brands as "green" or "not green." With the exponential increase in the number of green marketing claims over the past several months, it is only becoming more difficult for companies to get credit for their sustainability initiatives.

This discussion, led by public relations and communications expert Josiah McClellan, will explore five best practices that small, medium and large companies can use to make their green messaging more effective, and start to build a socially responsible reputation that sticks with customers.

Speaker Bio

Josiah McClellan, APR, is a vice president in Porter Novelli's corporate affairs practice where his expertise lies in PR and communications. He has written numerous blogs and online articles along with presenting in a number of web seminars geared toward "Green" corporate practices and sustainable initiatives.

Avoiding the Placement Crash
Start Time:
Wednesday, August 13, 2008 4:00 PM EDT
Category: PR
James Clark

The Council of Public Relations Firms invites you to attend a free, one hour web seminar that will explain how to extend the life of PR campaigns through various online tools; how firms can grow their social media business through community manager program and how to build grassroots expertise.

The discussion, led by social media and word of mouth expert James Clark, will focus on how to avoid what he calls "The Placement Crash," by using online tools such as webinars, live chat, special report downloads and surveys to capture and measure offline to online media impact.

During the presentation Clark will share his "Online Pre-Emptive Strike" methodology for landing mainstream media hits. This methodology leverages the tools already being used by PR firms, but strategically places the emphasis on building online buzz and expertise with traditional PR tactics.

This web seminar is being brought to Council members courtesy of ReadyTalk, the "Full Program Sponsor" of the 2007 Critical Issues Forum.

Speaker Bio

James Clark is a social and conversational media expert, blogger, podcaster, speaker, author, and corporate trainer.

He is the co-founder of Room 214, Inc., a search marketing and social media agency focusing on delivering high search visibility campaigns through its Search Visibility Programs.

James was a previous public relations agency owner, with deep experience in messaging, branding, and product launches. James took his years of experience in public relations and shifted his focus to social media applications (blogs, podcasts, RSS, MySpace) to help clients drive sales, awareness and brand recognition through Room 214's Capture the Conversation methodology for online communications, high search visibility and word of mouth marketing campaigns.

Start Time:
Thursday, August 07, 2008 6:00 PM EDT
Jennifer Thomas

You have spent a long time preparing for your meetings and events, and your message needs a voice worthy of the time you invested. Your voice is your instrument. Are you using it properly, with sound and personality that makes people listen?

In this web seminar, Jennifer Thomas will discuss three elements of the voice: inflection and pitch, articulation and rhythm, and breathing and body alignment. She will share exercises and tips to prepare your voice for your meetings, web seminars and other virtual communications when your voice is center stage. She will also touch on ways to handle stage fright and so you are ready to perform with ease and confidence.

Speaker Bio

Jennifer Thomas is a successful and well-known Voice Coach in the Denver Metropolitan Area. She maintains a private clientele catering to professional voice-users in all professions, such as business executives, lawyers, actors, voice-over artists, teachers, ministers, storytellers, and presenters. In addition, Ms. Thomas teaches Voice classes at the Denver Center Theatre Academy.

Ms. Thomas presents her work to corporations and businesses to further their understanding of using the voice to communicate effectively. She has worked with Teletech, First Data, JD Edwards, Charles Schwab, Pell Rudman, Tribune Broadcasting and many others.

Ms. Thomas has a Master's degree in Voice Performance from the University of Connecticut in Storrs, Connecticut. She also has a Master of Fine Arts in Vocal Coaching and Training for the Theatre from the National Theatre Conservatory in Denver, Colorado.