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Start Time:
Wednesday, August 06, 2008 6:00 PM EDT
Category: Marketing
Shannon Cherry

It's true that hosting content-rich webinars or teleseminars for your target market is some of the quickest and easiest way to make money. And they are a tremendous marketing tool for growing your business.

But the reality is just having one isn't enough. You need to get people to your webinar - and lots of them.

In this webinar, you'll learn the step-by-step way to get more people registering for your webinars or teleseminars, without spending a dime.

Shannon Cherry, The Power Publicist, will share:

  • When to get started promoting so you get the best publicity results
  • The top 5 ways to reach your target market
  • The number one mistake most people make when marketing their webinars
  • How to utilize Web 2.0 strategies to attract even more people
  • and much more

In addition, you will also receive an exclusive checklist with timeline that you can use over and over again for each webinar/teleseminar you do.

Speaker Bio

Shannon Cherry, APR, MA, is the Power Publicist. She helps business owners and entrepreneurs to attract more customers through publicity and marketing. She is the founder and president of Cherry Communications and its subsidiary, BeHeardSolutions.com.

A former TV and newspaper journalist, Shannon has developed hundreds of innovative public relations strategies. Her clients have appeared on the pages of USA Today, the New York Times, Money Magazine, Associated Press, and Parenting and have been featured on the Today Show, CNN, The History Channel, Good Morning America, and Oprah.

An award-winning publicist and author of two books (one an Amazon Best Seller for more than 6 months), Shannon is the professional blogger of StartupSpark.com, one of the top 60 business blogs in the world.

Shannon publishes the popular and highly-recommended ezine, Be Heard!, which goes to 6200 subscribers each week. Get your free publicity power package by signing up for Be Heard! at http://www.beheardsolutions.com.

Start Time:
Wednesday, July 30, 2008 6:00 PM EDT
Category: Management
Hal Adler

Join Hal Adler, President of Great Place to Work Institute, for a conversation with some of the "Best Small & Medium Companies to Work for in America" and learn what it means to be a great workplace and how your company can benefit by working to become one.

This presentation will:

  • Examine the business case for building and sustaining a great workplace.
  • Suggest everyday strategies for building a strong foundation of trust between managers and employees
  • Offer insight and best practices from the FORTUNE 100 Best Companies to Work For and the 50 "Best Small & Medium Companies to Work for in America.
  • Introduce how you can participate in the Best Companies competition and invite you to nominate your company of 50 to 999 employees.
  • Share how companies benefit from participating in the survey and selection process, including an enhanced understanding of your organization's cultural strengths and opportunities
Speaker Bio

Hal Adler is the President of the Great Place to Work Institute. In this role, Hal provides leadership and strategic direction for the Institute. He brings a creative, dynamic approach to his work with expertise in instructional design, leadership training and consulting.

Hal came to the Institute in 2004 with a background in consulting, training and leadership development, and has distinguished himself in service to clients, through his public speaking and in the customized design and delivery of workshops and training programs. He is a regular keynote speaker and presenter at professional association conferences such as SHRM, ASTD and the Human Capital Institute. Hal continues to work with clients on matters such as building and sustaining trust, management training and development, executive coaching and change management.

Prior to joining the Institute, Hal was the founder of the Training Arts Institute, and his professional career also includes leadership positions with the Center for Talent Retention, a management training and development firm, and Manpower, a global HR Consulting and staffing business.

Start Time:
Tuesday, July 29, 2008 6:00 PM EDT
Category: Marketing
James Clark

Have you heard about Social Media and wondered what it means for your organization's marketing strategy? This web seminar will first touch on the basic premise of social media, common definitions, tools and the technology (RSS) that drives it. It will more importantly cover best practices, common mistakes and methodologies for measuring success.

Speaker Bio

James Clark is a social and conversational media expert, blogger, podcaster, speaker, author, and corporate trainer.

He is the co-founder of Room 214, Inc., a search marketing and social media agency focusing on delivering high search visibility campaigns through its Search Visibility Programs.

James was a previous public relations agency owner, with deep experience in messaging, branding, and product launches. James took his years of experience in public relations and shifted his focus to social media applications (blogs, podcasts, RSS, MySpace) to help clients drive sales, awareness and brand recognition through Room 214's Capture the Conversation methodology for online communications, high search visibility and word of mouth marketing campaigns.

Start Time:
Wednesday, July 23, 2008 6:00 PM EDT
Category: Marketing
Dave Williams

During this 60-minute program, Dave Williams will discuss nine ways to promote your web seminar and avoid the costly mistakes that many people make. Beyond receiving a list of nine practical marketing techniques, here is a glimpse of what you will discover in this session:

  • Three key myths even the most experienced people fall prey to when promoting their web seminar
  • What has changed over the past 3 years and how you should adapt your marketing approach
  • Creative marketing techniques that build a qualified email invitation list
  • Key questions you need to ask when writing the copy of your guest invitation
  • Enough is enough - when and why too much information will prevent people from registering
  • Two specific actions that will help you engage and motivate a guest to register
  • The best use of print, audio and video media that guarantees increased registration and attendance
  • What REALLY is the advantage of using new social media like blogs and podcasts
  • The one question you MUST be prepared to answer at the end of your web seminar
  • How to stay in touch with your audience to gain higher attendance at your next event
  • How much promotion do you really need to do
Speaker Bio

After 3 decades of specialization in lead acquisition and sales development, Dave Williams has become a recognized leader in web seminar marketing. He has a passion for helping his clients combine innovative marketing concepts with new media applications to create better communication, generate more sales leads and increase corporate revenue.

Dave is President of Conference Village and is the chief architect of the "Webinars That Work" coaching system. Educated at the Universities of Guelph and Western Ontario, he earned the Master of Arts degree in Psychology, has completed doctoral work in the field of Organizational Behaviour and is a past faculty member of the Wilfrid Laurier University School of Business.

Dave is the author of numerous research papers and journal articles, broadcasts the "Webinar Wisdom" podcast, frequently lectures to university and professional groups and has been both a columnist and member of various editorial advisory boards.

Start Time:
Wednesday, July 09, 2008 6:00 PM EDT
Gary Copeland

Change, stress and feelings of helplessness are prevalent today, across all kinds of organizations. In this web seminar, Gary Copeland will give you tools and skills to help you handle organizational changes and manage life's challenges better. Participants will learn to:

  • Identify the six stages of The Change Cycle™ and how they affect us at the mental, emotional, and behavioral levels.
  • Work in concert with the process that the brain is going through as we encounter new and changing situations.
  • Pinpoint what stage of The Change Cycle™ we are in with regard to a specific change.
  • Differentiate between proactive and reactive change situations and the best skills to use for successful change.
  • Build new and more resourceful change strategies for self and organizational change.
Speaker Bio

Gary has successfully led both corporations and individuals through organizational changes for over 30 years. He is a full time professional speaker and consultant. He has enhanced his education with the Management of Managers program at the University of Michigan and the McGrane Self-Esteem Institute in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was a part time professor in the communications, ethics, management, and humanities programs for twelve years at the University of Phoenix, Colorado Campus.

His clients include AT&T, Lucent Technologies, Qwest Communications, Sanford Corporation, Frontier Airlines, The State of Colorado, The National Parks and Recreation, The US Federal Reserve, and many others. He has spoken on organizational change since 1993 and is currently speaking on The Change Cycle™.

Start Time:
Wednesday, June 18, 2008 6:00 PM EDT
Category: Management
Erica Olsen

It’s half way into 2008 and times are tough—how is your business performance? If you are similar to the majority of business owners, managers and executive directors, you’d probably like to be further along towards accomplishing the goals in your strategic plan. A strategic plan provides a business with the roadmap it needs to pursue a specific strategic direction and set of performance goals, deliver customer value, and be successful. However, this is just a plan; it doesn’t guarantee that the desired performance is reached any more than having a roadmap guarantees the traveler arrives at the desired destination.

That is where the art of execution comes in. Learn how to keep the momentum of your strategic plan alive through helping yourself and your team make the right decisions faster. Remember—success (or failure) is the sum total of your daily decisions. Whether you have a strategic plan or not, this session will provide you with practical tools to boost your business performance.

Speaker Bio

Erica Olsen is the founder and Vice President of M3 Planning, Inc, a strategic planning firm that works with growth-oriented organizations to develop and execute their strategies. She holds a BA in Communications and an MBA in International Management from Thunderbird. Her clients include Miller Heiman, EDAWN, Hallelujah Acres, Austin Radiological Association, Northern Nevada Business Weekly, Washoe County and University of Phoenix. M3 Planning is the fourth business Erica has helped found.

Under her guidance, M3 launched a web-based strategic planning system called MyStrategicPlan.com. MyStrategicPlan is just one of several online strategic planning systems developed by M3 Planning. Erica has developed and reviewed hundreds of strategic plans for organizations across the country.

Most recently, she authored Strategic Planning For Dummies as part of the For Dummies series. She has also co-authored Strategic Planning Made Easy: A Practical Guide to Growth and Profitability, and contributes regular columns to local, regional and national business publications.

Start Time:
Wednesday, June 11, 2008 5:30 PM EDT
Category: Marketing
Ken Molay

Thinking of conducting a web seminar to enhance your business? Already producing webinars for marketing, training, or customer relations? This presentation gives you vital tips and guidelines designed to make your public web conferences more engaging, productive, and successful.

You will learn:

  1. How to use the six-step webinar lifecycle to create successful events
  2. Factors to consider even before event preparation
  3. Alternative avenues for promoting a webinar
  4. Preparation specifics to guarantee a smooth and engaging presentation

Ken Molay, president of Webinar Success, takes you through specific steps necessary to create, present, and benefit from online web seminars. You will learn the six-step webinar lifecycle, with detailed tasks to accomplish in each stage. Learn what questions you need to ask at the earliest planning phases. Get tips on who in your organization needs to be involved during event creation, delivery, and follow-up. You will discover the awful truth about webinar promotion and ways to make the process more effective. Discover the tricks of the trade used by experienced web presenters to make their content interesting and engaging for their audience. Determine the most important aspects of following through after your event has ended.

This seminar is appropriate for anyone involved in planning, managing, or presenting web seminars. It is valuable for those currently using webinars in their business and for those considering getting started with webinars as a new communications medium. A live question and answer session will let you focus on the issues of most importance and benefit to your organization.

Speaker Bio

Ken Molay has been producing and delivering business webinars since 1999. His background in public speaking, stage acting, and corporate training has given him a unique perspective on what it takes to create and deliver compelling and effective presentations.

In more than 20 years of professional experience, Ken has presented public sessions at numerous industry conferences, as well as presenting information to customers, sales prospects, industry analysts, and the press.

Currently Ken offers consulting services through his company Webinar Success and is a prolific blogger on all aspects of web conferencing and its applications.

Start Time:
Tuesday, June 10, 2008 6:00 PM EDT
Category: Sales
Liz Beerman

Have you tried to gain access to a top prospect and been stumped by an effective gatekeeper? Getting past the gatekeeper to the top decision maker is one of the toughest parts of any seller's job. What do successful sellers know that make it seem so easy? In this session you will learn techniques for engaging top prospects' gatekeepers immediately, shortening your time to gain access, and to get commitment for an initial meeting. Included in this session will be:

  • What to say in the first 90 seconds to greatly increase your success
  • The 8 common breakthrough mistakes
  • How to speak the gatekeeper's language
  • A 3-prong no-fail strategy to gain access when initial attempts have failed
Speaker Bio

As an international consultant with KLA Group, Ms. Beerman assists clients in assessing, defining and achieving their desired behavior change across their customer-facing organizations. With over twenty years experience working in both entrepreneurial as well as Fortune 500 IT companies, Ms. Beerman has extensive experience working with sales, customer service and operations organizations to assess, develop, and expand the skills of their people.

Ms. Beerman's learning programs combine real-time subject matter, dynamic activities and relevant takeaways using clients' own product and solution offerings, customer challenges and corporate objectives. As a consultant, trainer and facilitator, Ms. Beerman encourages clients to recognize and apply defined skills necessary to meet immediate company goals. Strengths in teambuilding, marketing, supply chain management, value added product selling, and solution selling are combined to increase clients' personal performance and companies' sales results.

Start Time:
Tuesday, June 03, 2008 6:00 PM EDT
Category: Other
Patty Kreamer

Join Patty Kreamer for a powerful web seminar session on how to choose simplicity and take back control of your life. You will:

  • Learn to decide what to accept into your life.
  • Find Out how to finally get organized!
  • Realize how goals can directly impact your success.
  • Take a deeper look at your life - Take an adult time-out.
  • Differentiate between want and need.

Do you find yourself living in a whirlwind, always running late, forever disorganized, with never enough time in your day? Choose to tame that tornado and increase the quality of your life through the power of simplicity. You will learn how to experience each day rather than running through them one after the other without stopping to enjoy the moment.

Speaker Bio

Patty Kreamer, CPO® (Certified Professional Organizer) is the President of Kreamer Connect, Inc., a Pittsburgh-based company that works with residential and corporate clients to become more productive and perform better while at the same time simplifying their work and lives.

Patty is an author, consultant, speaker and professional organizer who is seen regularly in the media. She shares her fun and energetic style with the audiences of publications like The Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Pittsburgh Business Times, and through television shows like LifeQuest, KDKA's Morning Show, and One on One with Lee Adams.

Patty is the Founding Past President of the National Association of Professional Organizers - Pittsburgh chapter and Past President of and The National Speakers Association - Pittsburgh chapter. Patty was named Women's Business Network's 2007 Woman of the Year as well as one of Pennsylvania's Best 50 Women in Business and one of Pittsburgh's Fastrackers in 2005.

Start Time:
Wednesday, May 21, 2008 6:00 PM EDT
Category: Marketing
Bob Hanson

This web seminar is packed with valuable tips and information about creating your own online events for selling, marketing and lead generation. Join Bob Hanson, in-demand webinar consultant, and get answers to questions like:

  • What are the top webinar mistakes to avoid?
  • How do we get more people to each and every event?
  • What is the best marketing plan for an event?

And more.

Speaker Bio

Bob Hanson is the President of Quantum Leap Marketing, and creator of the Must-See Webinar System.

He consults with firms of all types on how to get more leads and sales using marketing strategies like webinars, web marketing, and email marketing, and he also produces many webinars using his Must-See Webinars system. Last year his clients including Dale Carnegie Business Group, EMC, Symantec and countless small businesses successfully delivered over 1,500 webinars.

He has generated over 2,250 registrants for a single webinar without spending a dime on marketing, 15,000 webinar registrants in a single year for a small company, hundreds of thousands in sales from a single webinar recording. His event marketing strategies have generated over $1.45 billion in qualified sales leads for clients.

He is the author of many reports on webinars including 7 Secrets of Winning Webinars and How to Create an On Demand Webinar Program.